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Michael Schramm

Michael Schramm


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You Shouldn't Sweat Activision's Debt

Most of the company's $6 billion in debt is for one choice that hasn't slowed company growth.


4 Terms New Investors Need to Know

Getting started with investing is hard, but understanding the basics is the best way to begin learning.


Acquiring King Was Worth It for Activision Blizzard

King could provide serious revenue for Activision in the long term.


Twitter's Got 99 Problems, but Revenue Ain't One

The company had lower-than-expected revenue in this first quarter, but this probably won't affect long-term revenue.


Pokemon Go Is Just the Start for Mobile Gaming

The new franchise highlights the success of freemium models and the niche's potential.


How to Make Sense of Your Child's Financial Aid Package

Your children may need your help understanding their financial aid. Here are some of the answers you'll need to have ready.


McDonald’s Is Raising Prices and Going Healthy – And If They Do This One Thing, Investors Should Love it

Raising prices to target a new customer niche is smart, but McDonald's also can't isolate customers looking for the cheapest price.


McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Is More Important Than You Think

The Golden Arches' all-day breakfast provides more benefit than serving breakfast at different times.

mature couple relaxing on beach at sunset

Why "Money Doesn't Buy Happiness" Is Wrong

Some people argue that money doesn't buy happiness. From personal experience, I can tell you they're wrong.

young women using smartphones

These 8 Apps Can Help Your Kids Be Better With Money

If your kid needs help with money, help them with what they know best: technology.

student debt graduate

Are Parent PLUS Loans Right for You?

Parents can take out student loans for their kids, but are they a good option?