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Matthew Cochrane

Matthew Cochrane


As an economic crimes detective, Matthew focuses on helping others avoid becoming victims of fraud and scams. He is most familiar with the fintech and payments industry and devotes much of his writing to covering these two sectors.

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The Top 5 Fintech Stocks of the Last Decade

Financial technology, or fintech, was one of the stock market's hottest sectors in the 2010s. But even in a red-hot market, some winners emerged whose returns were nothing short of extraordinary.

The winner is GettyImages-687810462

Better Buy: PayPal vs. Mastercard

These two growth stocks have rewarded investors fantastically over the past few years, but which looks like the stronger investment today?

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The Top 3 Fintech Stocks to Buy in 2020

Fintech is disrupting a number of financial services, making them cheaper, more convenient, and more secure than ever before. These stocks might be the best ways to profit from this movement in the coming year.

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How Fintech Reshaped Finance in the 2010s

Thanks to different technologies, participating in financial activities has never been cheaper, easier, or safer.

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Better Buy: Shopify vs. PayPal

Both of these companies stand to benefit from the growth of e-commerce, but which makes for a better investment today?

The Biggest Fintech Stories of 2019

This year technology continued to revolutionize the financial industry, with legacy players being forced to adapt or risk irrelevance. The ultimate winner in how this all shakes out though

PayPal Headquarters

PayPal Acquires Honey Science for $4 Billion: Everything Investors Need to Know

Judging by its largest acquisition ever, PayPal believes it can capture more users with Honey than with vinegar.

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3 Stocks Peter Lynch Would Love

Peter Lynch believed individual investors had an advantage over Wall Street due to their real-life knowledge of certain industries and surroundings. Here are three such commonsense winners.

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Why Home Depot's Second Quarter Was Better Than It Looked

The home improvement retailer's performance can be affected by a myriad of conditions outside its control. But when it comes to the things it can control, the company consistently hits the mark.


Ollie's Sees Earnings, Same-Store Sales Fall

Just one quarter after raising full-year guidance, the discount retailer was forced to lower it again as gross margin contracted and new stores cannibalized sales from existing stores.

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Jack Henry & Associates Sees Revenue Growth Slow, Earnings Fall

Small banks continue to turn to Jack Henry & Associates to meet their technological needs, with many turning to the company's cloud offerings.

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Visa Doubles Down on Fintech

The world's largest credit card company is showing a renewed interest in how financial technology can grow its network.

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The Biggest Plus From Shopify's Latest Quarter

The latest earnings results show Shopify's services are reaching far more customers than just aspiring entrepreneurs and mom-and-pop shops.

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The Secret to BlackLine's Success

When this accounting software-as-a-service company gains customers, it knows how to keep them.

OTC Markets Grows Its Revenue, but Heavy Investments Hurt Earnings

Revenue increased across all its segments, but margins contracted as investments ramped up.

Square Restaurant Source Image Square Inc.

4 Major Takeaways From Square's Second Quarter

Square's growth is showing no signs of slowing down, but there was one concerning aspect to its latest results.

PayPal Headquarters

3 Reasons PayPal Is Still a Buy

PayPal cut its full-year revenue guidance, but there are reasons to believe the pain will decidedly be short-lived and doesn't represent a long-term threat to the digital payments platform.

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Mastercard Credits Key Acquisitions For Recent Wins

These acquisitions are widening Mastercard's economic moat and deepening its ecosystem.

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Fair Isaac Shows Strong Growth Across All Segments

If anyone is keeping score, this predictive analytics pioneer continues to win through innovation and partnerships.

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Amazon's Mistake Is Shopify's Gain

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has always placed an emphasis on pleasing the company's customers, but he may have neglected to do so this time.