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Jeremy Bowman

Jeremy Bowman


Fool since 2011. I write about consumer goods, the big picture, and whatever else piques my interest. Follow me on Twitter to see my latest articles, and for commentary on hot topics in retail and the broad market.

Recent articles

busy retail mall- closing slide - source getty

The 3 Largest Retail Apocalypse-Proof Stocks in 2021

These three retailers all have one important thing in common.

small target Portland

Why I'm More Bullish on Target Than Ever

A recent visit to a store in New York City confirms the company's execution.

walmart doug-mcmillon-in-crowd

Why Walmart Could Be the Surprise Stock of the Decade

Looking for the next Amazon? It really might be the brick-and-mortar giant.

slide 2 - walmart truck- source walmart

If Walmart Does This One Thing, the Stock Will Soar

Shares of the retailer could be on the verge of ripping higher.

slide 8 - dsw - source getty

Why Designer Brands Stock Was Falling Today

Shares of the DSW parent slipped as Nike said it would stop selling to the retailer.

Wayfair home office

After a Gain of More Than 1,000%, Is It Time to Sell Wayfair?

The stock has been one of the biggest winners during the last year, but things are about to change.

walmart box

1 No-Brainer Value Stock to Buy Right Now

At a time when most valuations are inflated, this retailer is trading at a deep discount.

Pinterest iPad

Is Pinterest Stock a Buy?

The social media stock has been on tear lately. Is it too late to buy?

Nike zoom sneakers

The Most Important Number in Nike's Earnings Report

Shares of the sportswear giant fell after its latest earnings report, but profitability remains a bright spot.


Angi Rebrand Promises to Strengthen Value Proposition

Fresh off naming a new CEO, Angi announced a rebrand this week.


Why Williams-Sonoma Stock Was Gaining Today

Two days after the company delivered a strong earnings report, the stock continued to move higher.

hims and hers

Why Hims & Hers Health Stock Was Falling Today

Shares of the newly public company dropped on weak guidance in its fourth-quarter earnings report.

slide 8 - stock flattening - source getty

FAANG Stocks Suddenly Look Like Great Value Stocks

Believe it or not, the tech giants are starting to look cheap compared to the rest of the market.

china stocks currency dollar

Why Luokung Technology Stock Climbed Today

The closing of its eMapgo acquisition lifted the stock.


Why Jumia Technologies Stock Was Sliding Today

A secondary offering cooled off shares of the African e-commerce company.

scales wtih coins on them

Better Buy: Amazon vs. Walmart

They're the two biggest retailers today, but which one is the better investment?

car dashboard radio

Why IHeartMedia Stock Was Climbing Today

Shares jumped on an analyst upgrade.

Okta Mckinnon

Okta Sets the Stage for the Next Round of Growth

The cloud company is adding a chief revenue officer to tackle international markets and scale up the business.

slide 3 - source express

Why Express Stock Was Sliding Today

Trading among the WallStreetBets set is creating oscillations in the apparel retailer's share price.

Slide 8 - source -target

Where Will Target Be in 5 Years?

After a blowout 2020, Target looks well positioned for growth over the coming years.