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5 High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Watch

They're especially valuable for retirees and investors who are concerned about recession or volatility.


Better Buy: Amazon or the Whole S&P 500?

Amazon has far outpaced the S&P 500, but investors need to consider risk before piling too heavily into a single stock.


Investors Need to Consider These Moves Before Capital Gains Change

If passed, Biden's capital gains tax policy might impact some investors, but it shouldn't drastically influence your investment portfolio allocation.


Better Buy: QQQ vs. VOO

QQQ and VOO are two very popular ETFs, but they have different allocations that have led to very different performance records.


Worried About the VIX Getting Higher? Don't Let It Ruin Your Long-Term Performance

A higher Volatility Index might concern some investors, but adhering to proven allocation rules will ensure long-term success.


3 Recession Proof Stocks to Buy Now

Investors worried about a recession should consider leading stocks in the utilities, basic consumer goods, and healthcare sectors.


These 5 ETFs Are Great Roth IRA Investments for Retirees

The tax benefits of Roth IRAs make them a great place to hold assets that deliver strong dividends or high growth.


Why Smart Investors Should Be Watching This Shifting 2020 Market Trend

Sector performance is sending clear signals about evolving economic outlook and attitudes on risk, and investors should pay attention.


Should You Stack Your Roth IRA With High-Potential 5G, FinTech, and Big Data Stocks?

The tax benefits of Roth IRAs make them an ideal place to hold high-growth investments.

Earnings Analysis

Must-Watch Trends for Investors in the Q3 Earnings Season

Earnings season is giving investors important insights into how the economy will bounce back in 2021 and how some companies have been changed forever.


These 3 ETFs Would Benefit from Stimulus Checks

If another round of stimulus checks is issued, a few select sectors could notch better-than-expected results, and these ETFs are great ways to invest in them.


How Should Retirees Invest With the Fed Keeping Rates Low?

Low rates are hurting retirement income, but investors need to focus on tax efficiency and income allocation rather than chasing riskier growth.


Why Buying Cheap Stocks Is the Wrong Investing Strategy

Buying cheap stocks is a poor strategy that can rob investors of returns and violate important diversification rules.


What Should IPO Investors Make of All This SPAC Fanfare?

SPACs are gaining popularity in 2020, and they offer many of the things that IPO investors love.

Robinhood Investors Might Be Violating Basic Allocation Rules

The stocks owned by the highest number of Robinhood users have mostly lagged the market since April, and the top performers might be too volatile to celebrate.

The 10 Best ETFs for Dividends

These 10 dividend ETFs across different categories score well across liquidity, fee, and yield ratios.

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Three Pitfalls of Only Using a 401(k) for Retirement

A 401(k) offers great features as a retirement account, but relying exclusively on this investment vehicle does have its limits.

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Best Investment Strategies for a 401(k) or IRA

Special attention should be paid to time horizons and tax advantages.


How Pre-Retirees Should Be Thinking About 401(k) Allocation in 2020

Retirement planning is difficult in today's environment, but following key principles can help investors manage their 401(k) with confidence.

How Young Investors Should Think About Retirement Savings in 2020

They might be discouraged by volatility and bad news in 2020, but it's still a great time to develop a plan that prioritizes growth.