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Greg Jones

Greg Jones


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AbbVie Is a Dividend Growth Stock at a Bargain Price

AbbVie reported fourth-quarter results that topped expectations. Its valuation discount is no longer warranted.


Gilead Sciences: Still on the Path to Recovery

Gilead released a mixed fourth-quarter earnings report. Longer-term investors should stick with the stock.

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Coca-Cola's Earnings: Outperforming Its Peers

Coca-Cola reported better-than-expected fourth quarter earnings. This is likely to be more the rule than the exception going forward.


Altria's Earnings: Bull Case Still Intact for This Dividend Growth Stock

Altria's shares fell on disappointing earnings. However, a closer look suggests that the stock remains attractive for long-term investors.

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Wells Fargo: Not Ready to Throw in the Towel

The news seems to go from bad to worse for Wells Fargo. But with a new CEO on board, could we be on the verge of a new dawn for the stock?


IBM: Is Big Blue Set for Sustained Growth?

IBM released earnings that were better than expected. Although the results were mixed, investors should be taking a closer look at the stock.

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3 Stocks to Buy in a Bear Market

A significant correction is an inevitability at some point, if history is any guide. Here are three stocks to buy if the opportunity arises.

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Why Cisco Systems is Overdue for a Rebound

Macroeconomic factors have clouded Cisco's recent performance. With those clouds now parting, the stock deserves a second look.

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Bottom-Fishing The Energy Sector With Chevron

The energy sector seems overdue for a rebound. Chevron may be the best way to play it.

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Is Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Still a Good Bet?

Berkshire has lagged the market over the recent past. It's time for the shares to play catch up.

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What Would Warren Buffett's Mentor Think About Accenture?

On many dimensions, Accenture qualifies as a great company. But is it a great investment?

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Bristol Myers Squibb: A Cash-Generating Machine at a Cheap Price

This big pharma stock provides value in an increasingly expensive market.

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Why AbbVie Is a Dividend Growth Stock That's Too Cheap to Ignore

The Allergan deal will cement AbbVie’s position as a diversified pharmaceutical company with sustainable growth. It’s time for the shares to play catchup.

Cloud computing

Is IBM Ready for a Big Surge?

IBM is lagging behind its technology peers. But its acquisition of Red Hat earlier this year may be a game changer.

Wells Fargo Stagecoach

Wells Fargo: Time to Climb Aboard the Stagecoach

With a new CEO on board, Wells Fargo can start to put its problems behind it.

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Is Altria Going Up in Smoke or Just Going Up?

Persistent bad news has driven the tobacco company to its lowest valuation in 10 years. It’s time to have a second look.

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Is The Future Finally Looking Up For Gilead Sciences?

It’s been a rough ride for Gilead Sciences. But the biotech may soon be sailing through smoother seas.