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Trevor Jennewine

Trevor Jennewine


Trevor primarily covers tech and financials, with a particular interest in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other innovative technologies. He grew up in Ohio and later moved to the Pacific coast. In his free time, Trevor enjoys reading, traveling, stargazing, health, and fitness.

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Investors need to understand the risks associated with custodial wallets.

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Crypto Crash: Can Terra (Luna) Ever Recover?

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Upstart Is Down 93% After Its Post-Earnings Crash -- Is the Stock a Buy?

This fintech company has lost favor on Wall Street.


Stock Market Sell-Off: 3 Top Growth Stocks to Buy and Hold in May (and Beyond)

Downturns are a great time to put money into the stock market.

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2 Top Tech Stocks to Buy Now and Hold for the Next 10 Years

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Shiba Inu Could Hit $5 by 2050, According to This Crypto Analyst

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My Best FAANG Stock to Buy Now and Hold Forever

Wall Street is severely underestimating Amazon's growth potential.

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Bear Market Bargains: 2 Growth Stocks Down 58% (or More) to Buy Now

These beaten-down growth stocks are begging to be bought.

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Shopify Crashed After Earnings -- Is the Stock a Buy?

This e-commerce company has fallen out of favor on Wall Street.

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My 2 Best Growth Stocks to Buy and Hold in May 2022 (and Beyond)

These businesses are firing on all cylinders in a tough macroeconomic environment.

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2 Growth Stocks With Monster Upside of up to 190%, According to Wall Street

Some analysts have bullish price targets on these growth stocks.

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