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Jonathan Yates

Jonathan Yates


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Heckmann Is an Unsung Hero in Oil and Gas Services

A superior way to profit from the oil and gas industry with much less risk.

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The retailer hopes that going tiny results in big profits.

5 Signs Deleveraging Is Working for Telefonica

Reducing debt is raising the share price for Spain's biggest company..

Heckmann Is an Unsung Hero in Oil and Gas Services

A superior way to profit from the oil and gas industry with much less risk.

More Profits Ahead From Unlocking Retail Value in Oil Stocks?

Murphy Oil is latest to surge after spin-off news.

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Warren Buffett invested in Phillips 66… here is why!

Now is the Time to Buy Chinese Dividend Stocks

China has the world’s biggest economy, but its dividend stocks are still undervalued.

Why the Profit Outlook is Much More Fashionable for This Retailer

Fourth quarter should be cheerful for shareholders!

This Grocer's Big Dividend Cut Won’t Be Its Last

After rotten Q3 results, struggling Roundy’s slashed its payout by 48%.

Don’t Let this Double-Digit Dividend Fool Ya

High debt and a low net profit margin do not make for a secure dividend from this grocer.

Unearth Profits From King Coal With Mine Safety Appliances

Looking for growth, income, and value in the coal sector? Foolish Investors should dig up Mine Safety Appliances for their portfolio.

Listen to Ben Bernanke and Buy Utility Stocks

Global central bankers have created a bullish environment for utilities.

Is Safeway the Next SUPERVALU?

High debt, low profit margins, and increasing competition have this grocer down almost 20% for 2012.

Five Reasons Why Southwest Airlines is a Value Play, Not a Value Trap

Final Destination: long-term gains with the undervalued Southwest Airlines.

Profit From the New Tech Stock Paradigm

Techs without dividends are, like, so 1990s!

5 Reasons Flowers Foods Is a Value Play and Not a Value Trap

Increasing sales make Flowers Foods tempting for value, growth, and income investors.

Beware the False Promise of This High-Yield McGuffin

Investors should leave high-debt, low-net-income restaurant stocks with irresponsible dividends off the menu.

Buy Wal-Mart Like Buffett, Not Sears Like Lampert

Sears Holdings is not another Berkshire Hathaway and Eddie Lampert is not the next Warren Buffett.

Beware the Dark Passenger of Too Much Debt

Highly-leveraged supermarkets and airlines are deadly for a portfolio.

Why You Should Listen to the Big Cat Roar

Caterpillar offers something for everyone with its high growth rates, high dividend yield and low valuations.