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Andrés Cardenal

Andrés Cardenal


Andres Cardenal, CFA is a tenacious researcher of the best investment opportunities around the world. Andres is an economist and CFA Charterholder living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Naturally flavored.
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Better Buy Now: McDonald's or Shake Shack?

McDonald's offers a sound business and delicious dividends, but Shake Shack has far more succulent upside potential.


If You're Retired, Consider Buying These 3 Dividend Stocks

These solid and dependable dividend stocks are great candidates for a retirement portfolio.

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Better Buy After the Split: eBay or PayPal?

PayPal is delivering superior growth rates, but eBay is more attractively valued. Which one is a better buy for investors right now?


Will Apple and Alphabet Destroy PayPal?

Rising competitive pressure from Apple and Alphabet is a big risk for PayPal. Is the company strong enough to fend off the competition?

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Michael Kors Stock Up 60%: Time to Take Profits, or More Gains Ahead?

Michael Kors stock is delivering explosive gains on the back of healthy revenue growth. Do you still have time to buy?

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1 Key Thing eBay CEO Wants You to Know

Let's listen to what eBay CEO has to say about the company's future in terms of growth versus profitability.


Forget Wal-Mart Stores Inc.: Here Is a Better Dividend Stock

This retailer is crushing Wal-Mart in terms of dividend growth.

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Should You Buy eBay Right Now?

Recent data from ChannelAdvisor indicates that now could be the right time to place a bid for eBay stock.

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3 Reasons to Buy Disney

Fundamental quality, impressive financial performance, and attractive valuation levels are three key reasons to invest in Disney right now.


Is It Too Late to Buy Facebook Stock?

Facebook stock is up by 300% in the past few years. More importantly, the social network is poised for additional gains in the years ahead.


Is Now the Right Time to Buy J.C. Penney?

J.C. Penney is making big progress in terms of sales and margins, and the stock offers attractive upside potential from current valuation levels.


Better Buy: PayPal Holdings, Inc. vs. American Express

PayPal is booming, but American Express looks undervalued. Which one is a better purchase right now?

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3 Reasons to Buy Priceline Group, Inc.

Business quality, impressive financial performance, and attractive valuation levels are three key reasons to buy Priceline right now.


3 Top Dividend Stocks for Retirees

Looking for strong companies with consistent dividend growth? These rock-solid businesses may be just what you need.

Why Apple Stock Looks Like a Buying Opportunity

Apple looks undervalued at current prices, and the company could easily outperform expectations because of accelerating growth in the middle term.

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This Restaurant Stock Offers Delicious Upside Potential

When considering growth prospects and valuation, this restaurant stock looks like a mouthwatering choice.


2 High-Quality Stocks You Can Buy and Hold Forever

Costco and Alphabet are two remarkably different companies operating in unrelated industries. However, they have one crucial characteristic in common.


Love Dividends? 3 Stocks You Might Want to Buy

These high-quality companies with big and growing dividends can be remarkably profitable investments.

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This Valuation Expert Says Apple Is Undervalued by 25%

Even assuming the tech giant's growth permanently slows down over the next five to 10 years, Apple stock is underpriced, NYU's Aswath Damodaran calculates.

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Better Buy Now: Amazon or eBay?

Amazon and eBay operate in the same industry, but they offer remarkably different things for investors.