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Andrés Cardenal

Andrés Cardenal


Andres Cardenal, CFA is a tenacious researcher of the best investment opportunities around the world. Andres is an economist and CFA Charterholder living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Naturally flavored.
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How PepsiCo Is Thriving in a Challenging Environment

While competitors such as Coca-Cola are struggling, PepsiCo is delivering rock-solid performance in the face of challenging conditions.


The Most Important Metric for Twitter Investors

User growth can make all the difference in the world for investors in Twitter.

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144 Billion Reasons to Buy Amazon

Amazon Prime is enormously valuable for investors in the online-retail juggernaut.


Better Buy: Las Vegas Sands vs. Wynn Resorts

Wynn Resorts looks like the safest bet, but Las Vegas Sands has more upside potential.


How Safe Is AT&T's 4.9% Dividend Yield?

Is AT&T stock a buying opportunity for dividend investors or is it just too risky?


Colgate-Palmolive Stock in 5 Charts

This consumer-goods giant is one of the best dividend growth stocks in the markets, and these charts explain why.


Can eBay Stock Really Rise 25%? This Analyst Thinks So.

Accelerating growth and attractive valuation levels bode well for investors in eBay stock.


Microsoft's $40 Billion Buyback: Smart Move or Corporate Gimmick?

Is Microsoft doing the right thing by aggressively repurchasing stock?


Disney's Business Model Is Downright Brilliant

Disney has a world-class ability to turn intellectual properties into successful movies and additional business opportunities in other segments.


Netflix Competitors Are Closing the Gap: Time to Panic?

Netflix reported slowing growth last quarter, and the competition is reducing the gap when it comes to customer satisfaction. However, the long-term growth story in Netflix stock still looks quite healthy.


Warren Buffett's Co-Pilot Loves This Kind of Company

Brand power means a lot.


Can Wal-Mart Stock Really Rise 20%?

Barclays believes that Wal-Mart stock can rise by more than 20% from current levels, and the thesis doesn't sound at all unreasonable.


A Dumb Reason to Buy Twitter

There are several good reasons to consider buying Twitter, but investors shouldn't speculate on acquisition rumors.

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3 Things Coca-Cola Management Wants You to Know

Here are some important takeaways from Coca-Cola's management regarding the company's fundamentals, transformation efforts, and growth opportunities.

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How Is Crushing eBay and Wal-Mart

By putting customers above profits, Amazon is crushing the competition and delivering massive gains for investors.

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Google's New Travel App Could Hurt These Companies

Google is broadening its presence in online travel services, and this could hurt other companies in the sector.


How Safe Is GameStop's 5.3% Dividend Yield?

Is GameStop a buying opportunity for dividend investors, or is the business on an irreversible decline?


Facebook Stock in 5 Charts

Facebook stock is up by nearly 40% year to date. These charts explain why the social network is doing so well.

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Dividend Stock Investors: Don't Underestimate Disney

Research proves that dividend growth stocks tend to outperform the market over the years, and Disney is well positioned for strong dividend growth.


1 Big Thing Starbucks' CEO Wants You to Know

Here's why Starbucks' CEO believes the recent slowdown in growth is just a bump in the road.