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Simon Erickson

Simon Erickson


I am a believer in the power of disruptive innovation, and that individual investors can significantly outperform the market over long periods of time. I am the lead advisor of our Motley Fool Explorer service, where we look for future-focused companies well-poised to capitalize on developing long-term trends.

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A Conversational AI Leader Is Going Public

Artificial Solutions is using artificial intelligence to help enterprises respond to customer needs -- and the company will soon be publicly traded.


Should Investors "Buy, Sell, or Hold" These Futuristic Ideas?

A CEO who lives innovation daily offers his predictions for these four futuristic ideas. His predictions might surprise you.


This Stock Could Become the Next NVIDIA

Several trends developing in the tech world don't appear to favor the GPU maker. But my top pick in the space appears well poised to be a huge beneficiary.


Talend's Cloud Has Grown 100% for 10 Straight Quarters

The data integration platform specialist reported better-than-expected fourth-quarter results, but weak guidance raises several questions.


CME Group's Trading Volume Skyrockets From December Volatility

Significant market volatility in the fourth quarter led CME Group to report the second highest average daily volume in its history.


How NVIDIA Became One of the Hottest Stocks in Tech

Investors can look to NVIDIA's past for clues to see whether its future performance will be as impressive.


Why NVIDIA's Growth Days May Be Over

After years without a challenge, the company is seeing its graphic processors meet a new wave of competition. That could spell bad news for investors.


Tableau's Business Transition Has Its Eye on the (Enter)Prize

By transitioning from up-front to ratable licenses, Tableau looks to expand its footprint at larger organizations. Its recently reported fourth quarter suggests the strategy is working.

Lam Research Beats Q2 Guidance and Is Buying Back More Shares

Revenue and profits continue to fall, and its CEO recently resigned. But a beat on guidance and a buyback commitment had shares rising significantly on Thursday.

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3 Top Growth Stocks for 2019

These three stocks are set to outperform in 2019 and beyond.


Don't Miss Chinese Biotechs

It's not for the faint of heart, but it's hard to oversell just how huge the runway is for the Chinese biotech industry.


Are Collaborative Robots an Opportunity or a Threat for Manufacturing?

A new wave of collaborative robots is dramatically improving the efficiency of smaller industrial businesses. What will this mean for investors?


MongoDB's Databases Are Gaining Mass-Market Appeal

The company's database-as-a-service platform once again quadrupled its quarterly revenue. It's possible that its outsize growth rates are just getting started.

On Our Radar: This Unlikely Industry Will Be the Next to Embrace Robotics

Robotics has already been a game-changer for several industries. See which one we think is next.


Robotics Stocks Are Selling Off. Is This an Opportunity for Investors?

Robotics has been one of the hardest-hit sectors in the recent market sell-off. But the falling stock prices appear to be out of sync with improving fundamentals, which could be an opportunity for patient investors.


Big Corporations Are Investing in Surgical Robots. Should You?

Surgical robots are increasingly being placed in hospital operating rooms. AlphaCentric Global Innovation's portfolio manager names a few investment opportunities in this fast-growing space.

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Talend's Strong Third Quarter Is Overshadowed by Weak Guidance

The cloud computing data aggregator posted its ninth straight quarter of 100%-plus cloud-based growth. But it appears that investors wanted more.


Tableau's Subscription Business Is Winning Over New Customers

The business intelligence platform provider is helping customers better see their data, while also seeing a recurring profit stream of its own.

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Teladoc's International Growth Boosts Third-Quarter Results

A 187% increase in international subscription revenue is helping this telemedicine leader inch toward profitability.


iQiyi's Business Continues to Perform; Revenue Rises

The company is setting itself up for long-term success.