Having a flexible work arrangement comes with a world of benefits. In many cases, it means setting your own schedule and hours, and in others, it means getting to do your job from the comfort and convenience of home. FlexJobs recently asked workers why they seek out flexible arrangements, and here are the main reasons they came back with.

1. Work-life balance

It's pretty easy to see why flexible work arrangements lend to a better work-life balance. These days, a large number of employees are teetering on the edge of burnout, and it's largely because they feel chained to their desks with no time left over to tend to their personal obligations or just plain be people. Having a flexible schedule makes it easier to be available for everything from school pickup to home repairs to medical appointments without falling behind on the job. And it also helps workers avoid getting overwhelmed.

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2. Family

Flexibility is key when you have a family. A flexible job can help ensure that you're able to be there for your children, support your aging parents, or spend quality time with your partner. And in some cases, it can save you serious money on child care.

3. Time savings

A flexible job can save you time by allowing you to work in a more efficient manner. For example, if you're able to come into the office early on, when it's empty, you'll get a number of hours at your desk without the distractions you'd face otherwise. That, in turn, could help you get your work done faster. Furthermore, if you're able to work from home, you're likely to be more productive. A good 65% of folks who do their jobs from home say that their output has increased under that arrangement.

4. Commuting stress

Many employees loathe commuting, especially when it means rotting away in traffic, dealing with endless public transit delays, or spending hundreds of dollars just to get to work. Flexible arrangements often allow workers to avoid commute-related stress, whether by letting them come in at off-peak times to avoid rush hour, or by letting them do their jobs from home to avoid commuting completely.

You deserve to reap the benefits

Clearly, there are plenty of good reasons to seek out a flexible job, so if your employer refuses to budge on things like scheduling or working from home, it may be time to update your resume and start seeing what's out there. An estimated 44% of workers say a job with flexibility would have a huge improvement on their overall quality of life, while 78% say that a more flexible job would help them lead a healthier lifestyle. And 86% of people think more job-related flexibility would make them less stressed on a whole. All of these are compelling arguments to seek out an arrangement that better suits your lifestyle, so don't settle for a job that's too rigid when there are plenty of companies out there willing to grant employees the leeway they need and deserve.