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This Play on the Reopening Economy Is Already Quietly Crushing Market Returns

Texas Roadhouse is outperforming its peers in the restaurant industry and has beaten the stock market over the last year.


Will This IPO Be the Ultimate Reddit Stock?

Hint: Wall Street Bets uses it...but will they buy the stock?

Nikola two truck NKLA

Nikola Review Determines Its Founder Made Several "Inaccurate" Claims

The company spent more than $24 million in legal fees related to short-seller allegations in 2020.


3 Things General Electric Is Counting on

Here's what investors should be looking out for from the company in the future.

Blackboard drawing of stock chart arrow going up being erased and pointing back down

Why Sunrun Stock Popped After Earnings

Sales are growing great guns -- but where are the profits?


2 Reasons Carvana Stock Jumped 11% Friday

Carvana delivers a solid fourth quarter, but is it poised for further growth?

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Spotify's Big Event Means Big Improvements for Users, Advertisers, and Shareholders

The company is bringing its audio platform to a global audience.

Streaming video couple sitting on couch eating popcorn and watching TV on laptop

Disney+ Is Gaining on Netflix

After just one year, the House of Mouse is quickly catching up to the streaming pioneer.

White arrow declining sharply atop a stock tickertape display bathed in red

Why TPI Composites Stock Crashed 20% This Morning

This isn't the way earnings beats are supposed to work.

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Why Dynavax Stock Is Crushing It Today

The biotech's better-than-expected Q4 update pointed to even better days ahead.


Why Plug Power Stock Jumped Today

The stock is rebounding after some optimistic comments, and after the entire sector dropped Thursday.


If I Could Only Buy 1 Stock, This Would Be It

The case for Innovative Industrial Properties.


Here's Why Churchill Capital IV Stock Jumped Today

Now that the deal with Lucid Motors has been announced, some Twitter comments are moving the stock price again.

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Stimulus Update: 3 Reasons Biden Is Primed to Fight for His Stimulus Package

There are at least three reasons President Biden will likely go to the mat for his stimulus plan.


Where Will Albemarle Be in 1 Year?

The market is getting excited about the company's exposure to the electric vehicle market via its lithium operations.


Consider Buying This Blue Chip on the Dip

Here's how you can take advantage of the latest sell-off in a stalwart pharma stock.

bynd stock bynd earnings beyond meat stock beyond meat q4 earnings buy imvest in best stocks for 2021 growth stocks 2021 best meat substitute company  why bynd stock up why stock down

Beyond Meat Earnings: "Groundhog Day" on a Quarterly Cycle

Beyond Meat stock seems poised to move higher on Friday, driven by news of a partnership with McDonald's and the parent company of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.

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Mortgage Forbearance Coming to an End? 3 Steps to Take Now

Mortgage forbearance won't last forever. Here's what to do if it's coming to a close.


1 Green Flag for Fulgent Genetics

Here's why Fulgent stock is running so high.

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Is Walmart Still a Great Dividend Stock?

The profit outlook is darkening for this industry leader.