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If someone tells you that they have stock picks that they guarantee will make you rich -- run the other way. However, an investment style of looking for rule-breaking companies with incredible management teams, ones that are investing in exponential growth rather than meeting short-term expectations, is a good way to earn long-term portfolio growth. Here's why these three stocks are those kinds of holdings, along with other companies that fall within the same investing style, that could make investors rich. 

Under Armour

Under Armour (NYSE:UAA) (NYSE:UA) was a market darling for the last few years -- until it wasn't in the most recent quarter. Shares were hammered around 20% the day of its recent Q3 earnings release when management said that it no longer expected to reach a 2018 profit goal of $800 million. 

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank said the reason that the company would not meet its previous goal is that it is investing more heavily in future growth, including building out its international business and increasing its focus on footwear. The company is also making other investments in things like overhauling its manufacturing processes and starting new lines of clothing such as the recently launched Under Armour Sportswear.  

From Under Armour's manufacturing innovation lab in Baltimore. Image source: Under Armour.

This is the perfect example of a company that the market has punished for taking a long-term growth strategy. To be fair, Under Armour certainly faces risks from intense competition and other hurdles to future growth, but so far the company has continued to innovate and grow in incredible ways, and its future prospects still look solid. Sales are still on track to reach their previously set goal of $7.5 billion by 2018, so for investors willing to look past 2018 earnings, this recent drop could be a very attractive entry point for longer-term gains. 


Another stock with massive long-term potential is Shopify (NYSE:SHOP), the online shopping and payment portal that has partnered with some of the biggest names in business as well as hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to provide e-commerce solutions. Now with more than 325,000 merchants as of the most recent quarter, a 62% jump year over year, Shopify is beginning to reach a scale at which it will start to become very interesting. The total value of sales processed through Shopify's platform was almost $4 billion during the quarter, double from a year ago.

Image source: Shopify.

To attract merchants, Shopify just recently began offering payment solutions through Facebook Messenger, released a Shopify mobile app to make it easier for merchants to do business on the go, and added Apple Pay to its website. Sales for the most recent quarter grew 89% year over year, and they look to have plenty of room to keep surging. 

Shopify is still reporting a loss, as it's using money to invest in making its platform better, and also spending more heavily on marketing and other ways to bring on more merchants. However, Shopify recently closed a successful new stock offering, meaning that it has plenty of cash for the year ahead, and expects to break even in 2017. For all of those reasons, Shopify stock looks like a growth gem

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Last but certainly not least, NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) continues to prove why it deserves a place on this list. This chipmaker is one of the most dynamic and connected companies in its industry, working with the biggest names in autonomous cars, video games, virtual reality development, and artificial intelligence. The company recently announced that its Drive PX2 platform will officially be used for Tesla's future self-driving cars.

In the most recent quarter, NVIDIA blew analyst expectations out of the water by reporting $2 billion in sales, ahead of the $1.68 billion guidance. GAAP earnings per share grew an impressive 89% year over year.  

NVIDIA is by far the leader in many of the most exciting categories it's going after, and its technology looks to be leading in those areas. The stock has risen substantially already this year, so its price-to-earnings ratio looks relatively expensive now at 48. Still, with earnings growing quickly, the stock is trading at 35 times next year's earnings estimate, and looking further out into the future, this stock looks even more attractive.

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