What happened

The clock is ticking down to Bloom Energy's (NYSE:BE) third-quarter earnings report, due out after the market closes. There's one last chance for investors to get in -- or for shorts to get out -- of the stock before the news hits the wires, and one (or both) of these classes of investors are taking full advantage of it.

At the 3 p.m. EST mark, with just an hour to go before close, Bloom Energy stock was up 13%.

Woman biting fingernails in worry

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So what

So what should we expect when Bloom reports its numbers?

Wall Street analysts are forecasting a big quarter for sales -- rising 22% to $232 million in Q3. For earnings, the quarter could be even more exciting, with Bloom expected to break even (at least on a pro forma basis) after losing money (on a GAAP) basis for essentially as long as it's existed.

Now what

Bloom lost money in the year-ago quarter, by the way, so just breaking even would be a big improvement. If Bloom should happen to earn even a penny of profit, the excitement could get downright electric.

With everything to gain, and not a whole lot left to lose (Bloom stock is already down 80% over the past year, after all), it's actually not too surprising to see investors lining up to buy the stock...and shorts rushing to close their positions before it's too late.