Zynga (ZNGA) is partnering with Amazon (AMZN -1.12%) to bring extra content to Prime subscribers at no additional charge. The video developer debuted free Words With Friends 2 content for Prime subscribers on Monday. Comments from both companies suggest that additional promotional content offerings are in the works. 

Amazon already operates Twitch, one of the world's biggest video game content streaming platforms, and the company has been gradually expanding its presence in the gaming space. In addition to streaming video and music, the tech giant offers downloadable games as part of its Prime subscription service, and it has been pursuing internal development initiatives and partnerships with other developers to strengthen its position in interactive entertainment. 

A person playing Zynga's 'Words With Friends' on a mobile phone.

Image source: Zynga.

What's next for Zynga and Amazon's gaming partnership?

Bernard Kim, Zynga's president of publishing, stated in an interview with VentureBeat's GamesBeat division that the roll out of the Amazon Prime promotional content was just the start of the partnership between the two companies -- and that there was a lot more to come in the future. The team-up adds more content to Amazon's gaming ecosystem, and it has the potential to provide more exposure for Words With Friends and other Zynga properties. 

Words With Friends posted record revenue last quarter and benefited from growth for in-game advertisements, and promotion on Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime could boost engagement, further broaden the game's audience, and spur improved ad results and in-app purchases. Investors will get an update on how games in the Words With Friends series and other titles are performing when Zynga reports its first quarter earnings on May 6.