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Why General Motors Stock Is Down Today

By John Rosevear – Dec 17, 2021 at 10:43AM

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The surprise departure of Cruise's CEO raises some big questions.

What happened

Shares of General Motors (GM 4.46%) were trading lower on Friday morning following the abrupt departure of Daniel Ammann, a longtime GM executive who was most recently CEO of GM's important Cruise self-driving subsidiary.

As of 10:30 a.m. ET, GM's shares were down about 6.4% from Thursday's closing price.

So what

Auto investors were surprised by the news of Ammann's departure, which was announced by GM in a terse press release after the U.S. markets closed on Thursday. Ammann, a former Morgan Stanley analyst who joined GM after it emerged from bankruptcy, had become a stalwart of CEO Mary Barra's senior team and the leader of its self-driving efforts. 

Ammann's past roles had included stints as GM's chief financial officer and as its president, a role akin to chief operating officer. He had been Cruise's CEO since 2018.

Kan, Vogt, and Ammann are shown with a prototype Cruise self-driving taxi in 2018.

Dan Ammann (right), shown here with Cruise co-founders Daniel Kan and Kyle Vogt, became CEO of the self-driving start-up in 2018. Ammann abruptly left the company on Thursday. Image source: General Motors.

GM didn't say why Ammann left, where he might be going, or really much of anything else. The release simply noted his departure and said that Cruise co-founder Kyle Vogt will serve as interim CEO until a permanent replacement is found. 

The strong suggestion is that his departure was abrupt, unplanned, and -- perhaps -- not his choice. 

Now what

Cruise is a major component of the bull case for GM's stock. The company is expected to launch self-driving taxi services in several cities next year.

Ammann's abrupt departure raises some big questions. Did Ammann leave because of a personal scandal? Is he joining a competitor? Did Cruise's business miss key milestones? Did he and Barra have a disagreement about strategy? 

The uncertainty is why the stock is down today, of course. I expect that GM will provide an update on Cruise's business and its go-to-market plan in due course, certainly no later than GM's fourth-quarter earnings report early next year.

But investors should keep in mind that if Ammann was fired because of a personal scandal of some kind, GM might not ever tell us exactly what happened.

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