What happened

Cybersecurity solutions provider CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD 0.78%) secured a win in the stock market on Tuesday. On the back of a glowing review of its business by a consultancy, the company's stock closed the day 1.6% higher, well better than the marginal gain eked out by the S&P 500 index. 

So what

According to the estimation of that consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan, CrowdStrike is a leader in the cybersecurity space. Frost & Sullivan conferred this title on the company in its Frost Radar Global Cyber Threat Intelligence 2022 annual report.

CrowdStrike received high marks from its reviewer both for its business prowess and the effectiveness of its products. Frost & Sullivan pointed out that the company's market share tops 15%, and it is currently producing "remarkable" rates of growth.

As for operational performance, the consultancy says that CrowdStrike's solutions "uniquely" position clients to reach three crucial outcomes: automated and actionable intelligence; visibility into active, external threats, and knowledge garnered from dependable research and reporting.

Frost & Sullivan also praised the company for expertly providing its services to all manner of organizations. The firm's global research director Jarad Carleton was quoted as saying that CrowdStrike's focus on threat intelligence "is foundational to building effective cyber defenses for organizations of all sizes and skill levels."

Now what

CrowdStrike competes on quality and effectiveness, so this very positive assessment can only bolster the company's reputation. Meanwhile, in an environment where cyberthreats can be pervasive and highly effective, demand for its products should only grow. This is a good time to be a CrowdStrike shareholder.