There's a lot of information out there. Some of it is junk; some of it is frame-worthy. For every dozen foam-spewing-from-mouth rants out there, there's a thought-provoking piece of work that deserves your attention. Here are five you might enjoy.

Henry Blodget: Sorry, LinkedIn's IPO Is NOT Proof of a New Tech Bubble
LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) should began trading today at a valuation that makes many gag -- or at least have flashbacks of the dot-com bubble a decade ago. Blodget, who admits his own, ahem, fond memories of the Internet bubble, disagrees. "Is 10-times revenue a high multiple? Sure it's a high multiple. But it's also a multiple that, depending on LinkedIn's growth over the next couple of years, could be well-deserved." How about this morning at over 20 times revenue?

James Surowiecki: Innovative Consumption  
A really innovative way of thinking. American companies have the most fertile soil for innovation because American consumers are eager and willing to take the plunge into untested products. "In that sense, our culture of innovation depends on consumers as much as on entrepreneurs," Surowiecki writes.

Ray Kwong: Name You Need to Know: Aviation Industry Corporation of China
Boeing (NYSE: BA), this is what growth looks like: "China will need 4,330 new commercial airplanes valued at $480 billion over the next 20 years."

Rick Newman: There's Only One Way Gas Prices Will Really Fall
High gas prices always provoke a reflexive, yet shortsighted, response from consumers and regulators: Surely it's ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) and BP's (NYSE: BP) fault. Rarely discussed: High gas prices are the only surefire cure for high gas prices. Works every time, folks.

Annie Lowrey: Abolish the Debt Ceiling!
The debt ceiling has been raised 87 times since World War II, making it a very effective piece of legislation to vote on, and ... that's about it. "In and of itself, it does nothing to constrain spending, raise taxes, or otherwise improve the country's fiscal situation." So get rid of it, already.

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