Think America is pulling out of Afghanistan? Think again.

Oh, I know, it's a common misconception brought about largely by President Barack Obama telling Americans: "We're pulling out of Afghanistan." I understand how that could be misinterpreted, but the facts suggest it's simply not the case.

Consider: In June, Textron (NYSE: TXT) won a $257 million contract (that could double to $543 million) to sell as many as 440 medium armored security vehicles to the Afghan National Army. Two weeks later, Navistar (NYSE: NAV) was asked to build 471 mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles for the U.S. Army to use in Afghanistan. And one week after that, it was Force Protection (Nasdaq: FRPT) claiming a contract to build 56 Buffalo minesweepers for use in-country.

What do these contracts have in common? They're all for armored vehicles to be used by "boots on the ground" in Afghanistan. Oh, and they're also right in line with a fourth such contract announced last week, in which Oshkosh (NYSE: OSK) was asked to build 400 all-terrain MRAPs for the U.S. Army -- an MRAP variant specifically designed for use in Afghanistan.

Foolish takeaway
America's involvement in the Afghan war isn't ending anytime soon. Nor are these companies' revenues, or profits, from the war. Invest accordingly.

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