Since buying into Cheniere Energy (NYSEMKT:LNG) and Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX), these two companies have grown into my top two holdings. My investment rationale behind these two companies was vastly different at the time I bought shares, but one thing I saw that they held in common was that the future of their business models was very bright and lacking in serious competition.

Looking at Starbucks, I really liked the worldwide brand name and its ability to continue growing under CEO Howard Schutlz. The recent expansion into China and India bodes very well for the company, and are prospects that allayed my concerns that Starbucks was trading at a relatively high price-to-earnings multiple. With this company, we could be looking at its U.S. growth all over again but in two new markets.

Cheniere Energy immediately piqued my interest given its first-mover advantage with its approval to export liquefied natural gas to nations who are not members of the Free Trade Agreement. To this day, it is the only company of its kind. With 18 million proposed tons per year of liquefied natural gas capacity already spoken for, and an additional nine million awaiting approval, the company's gains are locked in for the long term. What's more, Cheniere's Corpus Christi, Texas, facility is awaiting approval. The potential of the company's position in the liquefied natural gas market supports my purchase despite the company's lack of income at the moment.