Raytheon (NYSE:RTN) says an Air Force contract to provide up to 18 Deployable Radar Approach Control (D-RAPCON) systems could have a full value of $260 million.

The company gave details of the contract to supply the Air Force and Air National Guard in a press release Monday. The deployable air traffic control systems can be delivered anywhere in the world for use in military, humanitarian, and emergency missions, the company said, and can be set up and operational within six hours. The total value of the contract could reach as much as $260 million, Raytheon said. Initially, the Air Force has authorized $50.6 million for the early development stage of the D-RAPCON units.

Joseph Paone, director of air traffic management in Raytheon's integrated defense systems unit, said the units "will support safe and efficient airspace operations in areas where air traffic infrastructure is compromised or non-existent."

D-RAPCON consists of a transportable antenna plus three trailer-sized shelters that house radar equipment, communications systems, and an operations center with multiple controller work stations. Under this contract, 10 of the units will be delivered to the Air National Guard, seven to the active-duty Air Force Space Command, one to the Air Force ATC school, and one to the Air Force depot.