The Department of Defense announced 20 defense contracts Wednesday, worth upwards of $334.2 million in aggregate. Raytheon (NYSE:RTN) won two of them:

  • $32.4 million in a contract modification extending the period in which Raytheon will provide "lifecycle engineering and support services" for the integrated shipboard electronic systems aboard San Antonio-class landing platform docks. These services will also include Planning Yard support of integrated electronic systems and planning of fleet modernization work. This contract will now run through December 2014.
  • A $9.7 million option exercise on a partial foreign military sales contract whereby Raytheon will supply the U.S. and German air forces with parts for anti-radar HARM AGM-88B/C missiles. Raytheon will supply 190 Guidance Sections to the USAF, and 20 to Germany. It will also supply 20 Control Sections to USAF and five to Germany. Delivery of all parts is due by August 2015.

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