A Bank of America branch sign. Image credit: iStock/Thinkstock.

There are a number of specific details that investors in Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) should know about its stock. The slideshow below covers a handful of them, walking viewers through a broad, but brief, analysis of the nation's second-biggest bank by assets.

The slideshow shows, among other things, that Bank of America seeks to reward investors in multiple ways:

  • After slashing its dividend during the financial crisis of 2008-2009, the North Carolina-based bank is in the process of building this back up, distributing almost a quarter of its earnings to shareholders during the past 12 months.
  • Bank of America also buys back stock, spending $1.6 billion to do so during the last four quarters.
  • And even though its share price plummeted during the crisis, it has since regained positive momentum.

To learn more about Bank of America, scroll through the slideshow below.

Slideshow data was sourced from YCharts.com on December 3, 2015. Image credits: iStock/Thinkstock.