Ask a few technology companies for their thoughts on the future and you're likely to get some interesting answers. Most agree that touch, gestures, augmented reality, and speech recognition will play a major part in our future lives, but the divergence is where it gets interesting. Here's one flexible vision of the future from a company most investors have left in the past.

Feeling flexible
Moribund feature-phone-maker Nokia (NYSE: NOK) seems to have gotten a shot in the arm from its Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) partnership. Its new Windows handsets will be in European hands before the year's end, with an American launch expected early next year. The new Nokia phones look fantastic, but a tech company that stands still is like a motionless shark -- dead in the water. That's why Nokia's been developing some functional (if strange) new ideas. One is a small, flexible tablet that you can interact with by bending and twisting it. If you always wanted to take out some aggression on your electronics without shattering them into shards of silicon, here's your chance.

Take a look at the device in action: