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A clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is focused on developing and manufacturing recombinant therapeutic proteins that are produced through its proprietary plant cell system.

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Why play the clinical guessing game when attempting to tap into the growth of the biotech industry? Companies such as Amgen, Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Protalix, and Repligen are tapping into long term trends without much of the risk.

Is This Orphan Drugmaker in Trouble?

Protalix’s joint venture with Pfizer to bring a new Gaucher disease treatment to the market has had a rough start. Is the company doomed to be buried by its entrenched rivals, Sanofi and Shire?

Can Protalix Revolutionize This Orphan Disease?

The latest results in Protalix's pipeline may be from a phase 1 trial, but don't let that fool you. If successful, PRX-112 could run laps around Shire and Sanofi and catch the attention of larger partners, including Pfizer.

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