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Jake Mann

Jake Mann


Jake Mann covers sports, economics and politics for the Motley Fool.

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How Much Is a Phone With Flappy Bird Worth?

Flappy Bird-equipped phones are priced as if the mobile app market is in a modern day Tulip mania. The economics of this situation are too remarkable to ignore.


Michael Sam’s Draft Stock May Fall, But Coming Out Is Good for His Career

The All-American defensive lineman from Missouri announced he is gay. With reports that his NFL draft stock may fall, was it the right business move?


5 Business Lessons From an NFL GM

Football's leaders often follow strategies similar to those used in the board room. Ted Sundquist, the former GM of the Denver Broncos, shared his top business lessons with me.

Manning combo

Peyton Manning’s Retirement Plan

Peyton Manning's playing career won't last more than a few more years. With millions in annual salary and endorsements, is there any way to replace that income in retirement?


Do Sochi Problems Spell Trouble for Winter Olympics Sponsors?

The problems leading up to this year's Winter Olympics are nothing short of biblical. Do they spell trouble for the corporate sponsors involved?


Is Freddie Freeman's New Contract a Smart Move by the Atlanta Braves?

Freddie Freeman has signed a mega-contract with the Atlanta Braves, but was it a smart move? Sabermetrics say yes.


Collectors Sue Eli Manning and the Giants for Selling Fake Game-Worn Memorabilia

Eli Manning and the New York Giants have been accused of faking "game-worn" gear. No matter the outcome of this lawsuit, it does illuminate a shadowy side of the memorabilia business.


The Jahvid Best Lawsuit Could be Worth Millions, But Will it Change Pro Football?

Jahvid Best is suing the NFL and Riddell, and there's one aspect of his case that's truly unique. Could it change football forever?


New Sports Betting: Why I'd Buy Stock in Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is one of the NFL's most controversial players, but if given the chance, I'd buy stock in the cornerback. Here's why.


The Future of Sports: How Stadiums Can Get Fans Back Into the Stands

Live attendance for the top two American sports is in decline, but stadiums aren't giving up without a fight. How can they get fans back?


Why Jimmy Graham's New Contract Should Pay Him Like a Top Tier Wide Receiver

The Saints' Jimmy Graham is on the cusp of a big payday, but the dollar amount will depend on one thing: if he's viewed as a tight end or a wide receiver. What does the data show?

There's More to Fantex and the Vernon Davis IPO Than Meets the Eye

Fantex's Vernon Davis IPO is coming, but after speaking with the company's CEO, it's clear there's more to this story.


How Much Would Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' Have Made at the Box Office?

Quentin Tarantino has shelved his next project, a Western titled The Hateful Eight. Would it have been a box office smash?


Super Bowl Movie Trailers: The Business Behind the Hype

Every Super Bowl, a handful of movie trailers are shown. Do they correlate with box office success?


How Liam Neeson's Action Movie Career Made Him -- and Hollywood -- Millions

Over the past decade, Liam Neeson has transformed himself from an actor best known for historical dramas and Star Wars to one of Hollywood's biggest action heroes. How'd he do it?


The Truth Behind Warren Buffett's $1 Billion 'March Madness' Offer

Warren Buffett and Quicken Loans are offering a billion-dollar prize for a perfect March Madness bracket this year. Here's what you should know.


Could NFL 'Thursday Night Football' Gain Viewers Next Season?

The NFL is seeking a partner to broadcast "Thursday Night Football" with NFL Network next season. Could the TV slot gain viewers as a result?

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 5.39.07 PM

How Many Millions Will Johnny Manziel Make in the NFL?

Johnny Manziel is one of the biggest celebrities to come out of college football in recent memory. How many millions will he make as an NFL quarterback?


The 3 Keys to Profitable Music Festivals

It's getting closer to music festival season, and this data just changed what I thought I knew about the entire industry.


Two Reasons the Cubs Created a New Mascot

The Chicago Cubs recently introduced a new mascot, a bear cub named Clark. The economics behind this decision may surprise you.