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Adam Galas

Adam Galas


Adam Galas is an energy writer for The Motley Fool and a retired Army Medical Services Officer. After serving his country in the global war on terror, he has come home to serve investors by teaching them how to invest better in order to achieve their financial dreams.

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Oil prices are hitting new lows, and offshore drillers are selling at fire sale prices. Find out if now is finally the time to back up the truck on Wall Street's most despised stocks.

4 Reasons Now May Be the Perfect Time to Buy National Oilwell Varco

Despite oil prices that have crashed to six-year lows, there are some very good reasons National Oilwell Varco deserves to be on your investing radar.

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Hi-Crush Partners recently announced a painful distribution cut. Explore 2 important facts that will determine whether or not more payout reductions are likely.

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Emerge Energy Services has already slashed its distribution 29%. Do investors need to worry about further payout cuts?

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With oil prices hitting new lows, find out three things all long-term investors in frac-sand giant US Silica need to know about the company's plans to weather the oilpocolypse.

3 Reasons Investors Should Ignore the Oil Crash and Buy Kinder Morgan Now

Kinder Morgan continues to be one of America's best and most undervalued dividend growth stock; especially during this oil crash.

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Williams Companies' share price may be in for a rough time in the quarters ahead, here's what it might mean for your portfolio.

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Learn three reasons why these three frac sand suppliers might be in for further crashing share prices -- and what long-term investors should do about it.

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Seadrill just announced it was selling one of its most valuable assets. Find out why the terms of the deal may prove too little too late for this embattled offshore driller.

The Best Stocks to Invest in Gas Stations

Learn about the key to profiting from gas stations, and which three dividend stocks most deserve a spot in your portfolio.

Williams Companies Could Soon Be Facing a Hostile Takeover, and That's Not a Bad Thing

Energy Transfer Equity's proposed $53 billion buyout of Williams Companies is taking a nasty turn. Find out what it means for dividend investors.

The Best Stocks to Invest in Nuclear Power

While nuclear power may be struggling in the U.S., it's flourishing overseas. Find out which two stocks long-term investors should buy to profit from this long-term megatrend.