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Anders Bylund

Anders Bylund


Anders Bylund is a Foolish Technology and Entertainment Specialist. Where the two markets intersect, you'll find his wheelhouse. He has been an official Fool since 2006 but a jester all his life.

Hypoallergenic. Contains six flavors not found in nature. Believes in coyotes and time as an abstract.

We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors.

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Why fuboTV Stock Closed 9.9% Higher on Monday

The media-streaming specialist didn't have much going on today until Reddit traders decided to give the heavily shorted stock a boost.

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Why Bilibili Shares Jumped 14% Today

Two Wall Street analysts boosted their price targets based on last week's fantastic fourth-quarter report.

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Why Middleby Stock Is Cooking With Gas Today

The food service and kitchen equipment leader posted analyst-stumping results in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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Here's Why Many Bitcoin Stocks Are Flying High Today

One of Wall Street's leading analyst firms posted a cautiously optimistic report on Bitcoin's future.

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Why AMC Networks Stock Is Soaring Today

The cable content creator absolutely crushed Wall Street's fourth-quarter targets, mainly thanks to a mysterious investment gain.

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Why MicroStrategy Stock Fell 10.5% on Thursday

The stock lost most of Wednesday's Bitcoin-based gains in a general market retreat from high-risk growth stocks.

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Why NVIDIA Shares Stumbled Today, After an Impressive Earnings Report

The soaring stock was arguably due for a correction, and some investors worry that the end of this cryptocurrency boom could hurt NVIDIA's business.


How Ebang International Shares Jumped 20% on a Quiet Cryptocurrency Day

The cryptocurrency mining hardware maker outperformed most digital tokens and crypto-related stocks today, thanks to an interesting business idea.

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Why Bilibili Shares Jumped 16% This Morning

The video sharing expert's fourth-quarter results absolutely crushed Wall Street's consensus estimates. Again.

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Why ODP Shares Fell Today

The company behind the OfficeMax and Office Depot office-supplies chains missed Wall Street's fourth-quarter earnings targets by a country mile.

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Here's How Cryptocurrency Stocks Bounced Back on Wednesday

Bitcoin prices rose 5%, so a bunch of Bitcoin mining stocks jumped 20% higher. Wait, what?

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HP Boosts Its Gaming Chops With $425 Million HyperX Buyout

The technology veteran wants a bigger slice of the gaming peripherals market.

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7 Things You Didn't Know About Nokia

Here's how a Finnish paper mill evolved into a global leader in the cellphone market.

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Here's Why Unisys Stock Fell as Much as 20% Today

The company crushed Wall Street's estimates but the stock slumped anyway.

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Why MicroStrategy Stock Crashed on Tuesday

The stock is highly sensitive to Bitcoin price changes and the leading cryptocurrency is down today. CEO Michael Saylor is still committed to his Bitcoin investment strategy, though.

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Facebook News Is Back in the Outback

The social media veteran is turning news content back on Down Under as the Australian government agrees to change the terms of a proposed media access law.

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Chamath Palihapitiya Owns Bitcoin: Should You?

The Social Capital billionaire has backed Bitcoin since 2012. Is it time to jump on his bandwagon?

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Why Bilibili Shares Closed 10% Lower on Monday

At first glance, there wasn't any real reason for this big price drop. It all makes sense from a slightly longer-term perspective, though.

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Is GameStop Stock a Buy?

The video game retailer's shares have lost more than 90% of their peak WallStreetBets prices, but it's still a long way down.


Roblox Entering the Stock Market March 10

The gaming-platform maker's public offering has been delayed twice and reshaped from an IPO to a direct sale.