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Sara Murphy

Sara Murphy


Sara has been writing about and analyzing companies from a sustainable investment perspective for the last 15 years. An ardent optimist, she believes that it is entirely possible for all stakeholders to benefit and profit from companies' ingenuity and innovation.

Recent articles

How to Make the Most of Africa’s Business Boom

Companies are scrambling to exploit Africa’s potential. One major factor will separate the winners from the losers.

What Companies Don't Want You to Know About the Millions They Spend

The murky world of corporate political spending and lobbying is drawing unprecedented attention from shareholders.


How the SEC Can Change the Way Businesses Influence Politics

The SEC has failed to act on growing demands for mandatory corporate political spending disclosure. It’s time for the dawdling to end.

EPA Puts Another Nail in Coal’s Coffin

The EPA’s new rule-making proposal is great news for Exelon, terrible news for Peabody Energy.

25 Years On From Exxon Valdez: What We've Learned, What We've Ignored

Today is the 25th anniversary of the catastrophic Exxon Valdez oil spill. The oil industry has made significant progress since then, but it has so much left to learn.

You're Caught in the Middle of These Power Struggles

Utilities are doing their best to prevent SolarCity from testing its battery-storage technology using Tesla's lithium-ion batteries, and auto dealers are trying to kill Tesla.

Why All Your Groceries Are Getting More Expensive

Your food bill is creeping up, but there are things you can do to change that.

The Future of Drones Goes Way Beyond Amazon

Sci fi becomes reality, and Boeing and Facebook see nothing but upside.

Investors Demand Climate Change Action From Corporate Boards

This year, investors have launched a record-breaking number of shareholder resolutions seeking stronger action from companies on climate change.

What's the No. 1 Risk You Face in the Next 10 Years?

While the top risks, in terms of likelihood and impact, are financial, water scarcity has climbed into the Top 5 in the last three years.

Now, Factory Farming Secrets May Never Be Exposed Again

New laws are making meat production crueler and more dangerous than ever.

Coal and Tobacco Companies Could Have More in Common Than We Think

What the history of tobacco and asbestos litigation might reveal about coal’s prospects.

Move to Beijing and Lose 3 Years of Your Life

A day breathing Beijing's polluted air can take 2 to 3 "microlives" from your life expectancy, which adds up to three years over an average lifetime.

Coca-Cola and Nestle Are Sucking Us Dry Without Our Even Knowing

Privatization of water supplies will be an important issue as shortages become more widespread.

China Is More Serious Than We Thought

As China implements major new policies to restore its horribly polluted air to health, massive opportunities arise for Tesla.

Your Grocery Bill Is Probably on the Rise Because of California

As California continues to wither under a record-breaking drought, your grocery bill may just keep on climbing.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate & Roses: Not as Romantic as You Think

On Valentine’s Day, starry-eyed lovers scoop up chocolate and roses in staggering quantities, but there’s more than love behind these products.

Your Prosperity Could Cost $1 Trillion Per Year

Water scarcity is threatening global prosperity, and it will take $1 trillion per year to fix the problem.

1 Competitive Advantage & Critical Risk for Fracking Companies

New research shows that water stress is an essential vulnerability for hydraulic fracturing companies.

Why Do Investors Put Up With Oil and Gas Madness?

As Shell, ExxonMobil, and Chevron all announce income losses, investors continue to gloss over fundamental flaws in oil companies’ value proposition.

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