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Jon Younkman

Jon Younkman


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cloud computing getty 6.2.17

IBM Returns To Revenue Growth, But Is It Sustainable?

Six months post the Red Hat acquisition, was the $34 billion well spent?

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Near Historic Lows, Is Macy's Stock A Present For Investors Or Just Coal?

There’s a 75%-off sale on Macy’s stock. Is this a going out of business sale?

research scientists drugs pharma biotech

Bristol-Myers Placed A Big Bet On Celgene’s Pipeline. Will It Pay Off For Investors?

Will this pharmaceutical giant be able to grow through Celgene’s patent cliff? Perhaps not, but it's still worth an investment.

hypodermic needles syringe drug pharma

Is AbbVie’s Dividend Capable Of Long-Term Growth?

This pharmaceutical giant is a victim of its own success. Will an $86 billion acquisition stave off its impending patent cliff?


Is Cisco Systems Still On The Right Route?

The networking gear giant released disappointing guidance. Is this weak outlook an industry phenomenon or is it more company-specific?


IBM Has Its Head In The Clouds

Is the recent closing of the Red Hat acquisition reaccelerating Big Blue’s growth?


Looking Through The Smoke To Altria’s Future

Altria remains strong despite tobacco industry transformation.


This Wireless Carrier Is T’d Up for Growth

AT&T's latest earnings report and the unveiling of HBO Max should reassure investors this behemoth is heading in the right direction.


Altria Has a Juul in the Rough

The hysteria surrounding the vaping industry has neared its apogee and the overreaction will soon correct itself.


With the Altria Deal Dead, the Smoke Is Clearing at Philip Morris

The potential merger between cigarette makers has been called off. So how does Philip Morris stand alone as an investment?

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