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Michael McGrady

Michael McGrady


Michael McGrady is a journalist who covers public health policy, tobacco, vaping, drug legalization, industrial hemp, biotechnology, hospital systems, and food processing. He is a visiting fellow in drug and tobacco harm reduction policy at the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research in Washington, D.C.

Recent articles


British American Tobacco's COVID-19 Vaccine May Enter Trials

Tobacco vaccine production is a surprisingly economical endeavor, saving time and costs. Kentucky Bioprocessing, the biotechnology subsidiary of British American Tobacco, is leading the way.


Tyson Foods Was Slapped With a Federal Wrongful Death Lawsuit. It's About Time.

The meatpacking giant's struggle with the coronavirus pandemic highlights the future of ethically sourced meat and plant-based meat replacements.

businessman with scale weighing money

Philip Morris, Altria Are Facing ITC Investigations; What Should Investors Know?

The U.S. International Trade Commission has announced a probe into Altria and Philip Morris for alleged patent violations over iQOS heat-not-burn technology.

scientist research laboratory

Moderna and Novavax are Making Strides in Advancing Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Research

The biotechnology companies creating COVID-19 vaccines should give hope to patients and investors. Moderna and Novavax are no exception.

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Workers Are Dying at Meatpacking Plants, and Investors Need to Take Note

Thousands of coronavirus cases have been linked to meatpacking plants. Are Tyson and its peers doing enough to protect employees and the public?

dome of US Capitol Building with American flag waving in foreground -- Washington DC capital politics policy government Congress

The Government Will Distribute Gilead's Remdesivir. This Could Be Bad News for Investors

There are reasons to be concerned about the initial distribution model for Gilead Sciences' recently green-lit Remdesivir treatment for COVID-19.


From Gilead To AstraZeneca, Investors Should Watch These Biotech Giants Right Now

Despite a busy few months with emergency use authorizations due to coronavirus, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve several new drugs in May.


Trump Uses Defense Production Act to Keep Meatpackers Open. What Should Investors Think?

The Cold War-era law is once again being used by the White House, this time to keep meatpackers including Tyson, JBS, and Cargill operating for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.


Here's Why Trump Invoking The Defense Production Act Could Help Medtronic, GE, and Other Ventilator Makers

A Cold War-era law is being used to encourage manufacturers to produce and distribute critical supplies to healthcare workers.


Does British American Tobacco's COVID-19 Vaccine Make It a Buy?

The science behind plant-based vaccines, including those developed using tobacco plants, could offer the opportunity for quickly developed therapies.

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