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Adam Levy

Adam Levy


Adam has been writing for The Motley Fool since 2012 covering consumer goods and technology companies. He consumes copious cups of coffee, and he loves alliteration. He spends about as much time thinking about Facebook and Twitter's businesses as he does using their products. For some lighthearted stock commentary and occasional St. Louis Cardinals mania ...

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Spotify's Podcast Investments Are Starting to Bear Fruit

Podcasting drove ad revenue and gross margin expansion for Spotify in the second quarter.

Disney+ logo

Disney+ Hotstar Is Getting Its First Price Hike

But the new plans could grow the subscriber base by offering more value.

HBO Max Homepage - tvOS

2 Big Changes Happening at HBO Max

AT&T's management recently provided some updates on its HBO Max strategy.

GettyImages-Man with boxes on counter

Demand for Digital Advertising Is Exploding

Results from Snap and Twitter show advertisers are willing to accept higher ad prices.

GettyImages line of people on their smartphones

Can AT&T Keep Growing Wireless Subscribers?

Ma Bell is growing phone lines at a record pace.

netflix living room

3 Reasons I'm Not Worried About Netflix's Domestic Subscriber Loss

The underlying details of the company's net addition numbers are important.

GettyImages-grocery bag

Uber's Expanding Its Grocery Delivery Business

Customers in 400 U.S. cities will soon be able to order groceries on Uber.

GettyImages-DeFi concept

Square Wants in on the DeFi Boom

Square has a new business segment building a decentralized finance platform.

GettyImages-5G network signal

Dish Network Is Ditching T-Mobile for AT&T

Dish doesn't need its T-Mobile MVNO contract anymore.

GettyImages-father son video games

Watch Out, Fortnite: Netflix Is Coming For You

Netflix is planning to add gaming to its streaming service.

GettyImages-football 2

Could NFL Sunday Ticket End Up on Apple TV+?

The iPhone maker wants the ultimate football package, but for what?

GettyImages-online shopping

3 E-Commerce Companies Growing Faster in 2021 Than Before the Pandemic

After stellar growth in 2020, these companies are continuing to accelerate sales.

black widow

What the Opening Weekend of "Black Widow" Means for Disney

When it comes to movie release strategies, Disney is proving it can have its cake and eat it, too.

comcast peacock-flex-main-screen

Comcast's Peacock Just Dealt a Blow to HBO Max and Netflix

Peacock is stealing away some of the top films from both services starting next year.

Disney+ logo

Has Disney+ Already Saturated the U.S. Market?

Disney+ added less than 1 million North American subscribers in three months.

Instagram screenshots

Instagram's Top Priority for the Rest of 2021

Instagram is considering making a big change to how users interact with the app.

GettyImages-two women watching tv

There's Still a Lot of Growth Ahead for Connected TV

Plenty of consumers will purchase their first streaming device this year.

GettyImages-cryptocurrency market graph

3 Reasons to Invest in Crypto -- and 1 Reason Not to

Does cryptocurrency belong in your investment portfolio?

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3 Ways I'm Preparing for the Stock Market Bubble to Burst

My portfolio looks a little different than it did at this time last year.

Netflix LA HQ

Netflix Subscriber Growth Will Pick Up in the Second Half

Netflix is about to get over its 2020 hangover.