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It's Too Soon to Tell on LINN Energy's Devon Transaction

The impact of LINN Energy's huge purchase of Devon's non-core US assets remains unclear. Investors need more information regarding Devon's intended Granite Wash divestiture to draw a conclusion.

2 of Buffett’s Widest-Moat Energy Bets

Two of Berkshire-Hathaway's widest-moat energy plays can still be bought at the price Buffett paid.

Capex Is Cramping LINN Energy’s Style

As LINN Energy grows, increased capital expenses are eating up more or its cash flow.

Can LINN Energy Cover Its Distribution?

There's considerable concern that LINN Energy will be able to cover its distribution after the Berry deal's dilution. The high value of Berry's liquids-rich production makes that probable.

Will This Massive Oil Merger Pay Off?

Energy XXI agreed to acquire smaller rival Gulf of Mexico shelf producer EPL Oil & Gas for $2.3 billion. Operational synergies will be critical for that high price tag to work.

2 Value Opportunities in Offshore Drilling

With all focus onshore, shares of offshore independents are struggling, creating value for those with patience.

3 Niche Operators in an Off-the-Radar Oil Play

Utah's Uinta basin has provided big liquids growth for the few operators able to get a toehold in the basin.

3 Good Reasons to Vote Yes on This Merger

Following Linn Energy's compensation increase for Berry Petroleum, investors have expressed concern. This deal still makes sense.

3 High-Flying MLPs With Loads of Growth Potential

Magellan Midstream Partners, Enterprise Products Partners, and Energy Transfer Partners are leading their peer group because of their strong growth potential.

3 High Yielding MLPs With Short-Term Challenges

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, Williams Partners, and ONEOK Partners have had difficult years, underperforming peers. Growth challenges are holding them back.

4 Operators With Loads of Permian Potential

The Permian has outstanding developmental potential, but operators in the region are costly. Awesome potential often comes with a staggering price tag.

Is LINN Paying Too Much For Berry?

At first blush, the increase of 1.25 to 1.68 LNCO shares per BRY share seems rich. The price is fair though, and the deal still makes sense despite the added dilution.

Shale Oil Will Soon Make the US #1 Oil Producer

Finding the next big producer in the next big play can make great returns, but don't overlook the midstream opportunities that these new production trends create.

2 Oily Juniors Taking Different Paths to Value

The value of rising production is easy to identify. Don’t neglect to consider companies creating value by building reserves.

5 Very Different Midstream MLP Opportunities

Not every MLP is run with the same philosophy. Investors can find partnerships that optimize their preference for strong yield, good growth, or a mixture of both.

Three Good Reasons to Vote Yes On This Merger

Despite current problems, a vote in support of the Linn-Berry merger still makes sense.

Don't Let Rising Rates Eat Your Lunch

Interest rate sensitive securities, including MLPs, face significant headwinds in a rising rate environment. Look for growth to protect your portfolio.

Should You Follow Buffett Into This Energy Play?

Warren Buffett is probably the most commonly mimicked investor around. When you ride his coattails, you're best off maintaining both his long-term vision and discipline.

Weak Prices Have This Hedged Producer Over the Barrel

Despite the importance of the Berry acquisition, a relatively run-of-the-mill problem could be more serious.