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Scott Levine

Scott Levine


A member of The Motley Fool since 2006, Scott began contributing content in 2013. His focus includes renewable energy, gold, and water utilities. Follow him on Twitter. . .

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Composed of green leaves, the chemical symbol of hydrogen floats above a green field

Bloom Energy Reveals Strategy to Enter Commercial Hydrogen Market

This fuel cell leader is charged up about the new direction in which its headed.

Nikola Two

15 States Unite to Pave Way Forward for Electric Trucks

Leaders seem to be positively charged up about the potential of electric trucks.

Fisker Interior

Another Electric Vehicle Stock Comes to Market: Fisker to Go Public Via a SPAC

Popularity in EV stocks is heating up this summer -- and it just got a little hotter.


Tesla and NIO Investors Beware: The IPO of Another EV Maker Is Coming Down the Pike

A new option in the EV landscape is about to appear.

Honda Clarity

Honda Strengthens Its Battery Supply for Electric Vehicles, Inks Agreement With CATL

This Japanese automaker is charged up about a newly signed agreement.

Several of Tesla's vehicles at a charging station.

Bold Forecast Secured: Elon Musk Confident Tesla Will Achieve Level 5 Autonomous Driving in 2020

The Tesla CEO, with his promising prognostications, is at it again.

Lucid Motors retail location

Luxury EV Start-Up Lucid Motors Unveils Details of Retail Locations Rollout

This Tesla competitor just signaled how it plans to familiarize customers with its high-end sedan.

utility vehicles on a residential street

Why Shares of Consolidated Edison Plunged 20% in the First Half of 2020

During the spring, blossoming flowers delighted nature lovers, while analysts' downgrades spooked Con Edison's investors.

red arrow down

Why Shares of International Paper Dropped 24% in the First Half of 2020

Some stocks have proved to be immune from COVID-19. This is not one of them.

rows of gold bars

Why Shares of Franco-Nevada Rose 35% in the First Half of 2020

Shares of this gold stock look more lustrous now than when the year began.

VSS Unity Glides Home after Second Supersonic Flight

Why Shares of Virgin Galactic Holdings Soared 42% Higher in the First Half of 2020

A pandemic couldn't stop this stock from soaring into the wild blue yonder over the past six months.

a miner holds gold nuggets

Why Shares of Newmont Corporation Have Risen 42% in the First Half of 2020

The rising price of gold was only one of several factors pushing shares of this mining company higher.

july written on the sand at the beach

3 Gold Stocks to Buy in July

While soaking up the golden rays of the summer sun, how about adding some gold-focused stocks to your portfolio?

model of a retro rocket on a wooden desk

Why Shares of Plug Power Skyrocketed 95% in June

Multiple factors contributed to market optimism about the hydrogen fuel cell specialist.

Model3 interior

Elon Musk Stays True to His Word: Tesla Raises Full Self-Driving Price to $8,000

Drivers are paying more for full self-driving capability, but it may still be a bargain.

bull figurine on gold bars

Northern Dynasty Minerals Triples in 2020, but Is It a Golden Opportunity for Investors?

The Pebble Project seems to be moving forward.

a loaded cargo ship sails out of port

Bloom Energy Gets Its Sea Legs, Pursues Development of Fuel Cell-Powered Ships With Samsung Heavy Industries

This landlubber fuel cell company is making a splash in the shipping industry.

A hydrogen fuel filler nozzle

FuelCell Energy to Join Russell 3000 Index

The large-cap index gets an electric new addition.

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 8.10.16 AM

Tesla's Roadrunner Project Targets Round-the-Clock Battery Production

Details emerge about the company's new big bet on EV battery self-reliance.

touchscreen tesla

Tesla Touchscreen Failures Are the Source of a U.S. Investigation

The company's drive to deliver well-made electric vehicles hits another bump in the road.