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Scott Levine

Scott Levine


A member of The Motley Fool since 2006, Scott began contributing content in 2013. His focus includes renewable energy, gold, and water utilities. Follow him on Twitter. . .

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Why Rogers Stock Is Plummeting Today

This stock's getting punished for failing to meet Q2 earnings expectations.

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Why Shares of Nucor Are Soaring This Week

Smashing earnings estimates has a funny way of inspiring investors to hit the buy button.

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Why Shares of Core Laboratories Are Falling Today

There were some bright spots in the quarterly earnings report, but investors don't seem to care.

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Why Shares of Encore Wire Are Skyrocketing Today

It's not only the earnings beat that has investors excited.

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Why Shares of Enphase Energy Jumped This Week

An analyst sees a bright future for this solar stock.

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Why Shares of Bloom Energy Bounced Higher This Week

A bright new partnership isn't the only thing driving the stock higher.

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Why Plug Power Stock Is Popping Today

All's quiet from the company today -- but not from one of its peers.

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Why Shares of Orbital Energy Group Rocketed Higher Today

News of a deal with a leading communications company has the market excited.

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Why Plug Power's Stock Is Plunging Today

Increasing competition in the hydrogen economy continues to weigh heavily on investors' minds.

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Why Shares of Niu Technologies Sailed 16% Higher in the First Half of 2021

Electric-powered coupes and sedans aren't the only sets of wheels that investors are charged up about.

A happy investor sits at a desk and looks at financial charts on several computers.

Why Shares of MP Materials Bounced 15% Higher in the First Half of 2021

Investors seized the rare opportunity to pick up shares of this rare earth minerals producer.

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Why Shares of FuelCell Energy Slipped 20% in the First Half of 2021

Enthusiasm for this familiar fuel cell name quickly waned after a troubling earnings report.

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Why Shares of Franco-Nevada Jumped 16% in the First Half of 2021

This company's performance surprised the market despite the falling price of gold.

A woman holds her head in her hands while in front of a computer screen with a falling stock chart.

Why Is Plug Power Stock Sinking Again on Tuesday?

Investors continue to take notice of a fuel cell competitor's growing momentum.

A woman looks at a falling stock chart on a computer.

Why SGOCO Group Is Plummeting on Tuesday

Meme stocks go up; meme stocks come down.

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Why Plug Power Shares Are Down Today

A peer's growth is accelerating, and that has Plug Power investors reaching for the warning flags.

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Why Clean Energy Fuels Is Crashing This Week

Besides losing popularity among the meme crowd, a competitor's announcement is helping drive this alternative fuel stock lower.

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Why Shares of MP Materials Soared 31% in June

Interest in this rare earth mining company was heating up in the first days of summer.

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Why Shares of Enphase Energy Soared 28% in June

It seems this solar stock is back in Wall Street's good graces.

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Why Shares of Plug Power Popped 11% in June

This familiar fuel cell stock continues to bounce back after a steep slide in winter.