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Dan Moskowitz

Dan Moskowitz


Dan Moskowitz spends the majority of his time researching stocks. He believes that fundamentals, and logic pertaining to industry trends, win out over the long haul.

Recent articles

Lululemon, Gap, and Urban Outfitters: Duking It Out in Female Athletic Apparel

All of these companies offer female athletic apparel, but they offer it in much different ways. Also, one of these companies is likely to outperform the other two.

Marilyn Hagerty Can’t Save Ruby Tuesday

Her reviews are informative and entertaining, and due to their viral nature they can even increase brand recognition, but Ruby Tuesday needs a lot more help than that.

Will Burger King Satisfry Long-Term Investors?

Burger King recently made a strategic move that could lead it to increased customer loyalty in the future.

Target’s $100 Million Bet: Will It Pay Off?

Target’s data breach has hurt its reputation, but Target is making a significant bet to ensure that its future reputation will turn for the better.

6 Consumer Goods Companies In-Line With Consumer Trends

Nielsen is a reliable source for consumer trends. Its recent studies indicate some important information that investors should consider.

Costco: Time to Panic?

Costco’s second-quarter results didn’t impress Wall Street, but the numbers tell a different story if you strip away expectations and only look at the facts.

A Good Sign for Netflix Bulls

Netflix is trading at 245 times earnings, which keeps some investors on the sidelines. This is understandable. However, if you ignore valuation and focus on the underlying business and future growth opportunities, Netflix is still impressive.

Is Staples Capable of a Turnaround?

Staples just disappointed the Street, but there is a glimmer of hope.

Tim Hortons: Stealthily Ahead of Industry Trends

If you like to search for hidden winners, then Tim Hortons might fit the bill.

Big Lots: Should You Buy the Hype?

Big Lots has been in the Wall Street doghouse for a while now, but is this dog about to be turned loose?

Foot Locker Is Different from Most Retailers

Many retailers have been beating expectations, yet the actual numbers are still poor. Fortunately, Foot Locker doesn’t fit into this category. Its actual results are impressive.

The Best Way to Invest in Chicken

Chicken is in high demand, primarily because it’s more affordable than beef. One under-the-radar quick-service restaurant stands to benefit from this trend.

Carnival Corporation: Unfair Reputation or Fairly Treated?

Carnival has dealt with some rough seas over the past several years. This has led to investor unease. Does this present an investment opportunity?

Dunkin’ Donuts Puts a Twist on a McDonald’s Favorite

Dunkin’ Donuts might have just found a way to increase traffic in the morning hours.

Chipotle Finds Another Way to Increase Demand

Chipotle is a well-oiled machine, consistently finding ways to deliver. Its recent move should only increase the company’s potential.

Wal-Mart and Food Delivery: Quietly Preparing for Success

You haven’t read anything about a recent Wal-Mart acquisition, have you? Well, an acquisition indeed took place, and it fits into Wal-Mart’s plan of gaining an edge in food delivery and in-store pickup.

Target: Opportunity or Still in the Cellar?

Due to the massive data breach, Target has become an enigma to many investors. The stock has rebounded over the past month, but is this sustainable or a head fake?

Disney’s Frozen Is Still Young

Frozen has grossed $1 billion at the worldwide box office, and it’s not done yet. This is just the beginning for the brand.

Is Disney Still the Best Theme Park for Investors?

Disney is outperforming Seaworld with ease, but what about Comcast’s Universal Studios?

McDonald’s: A Second Attempt at Mighty Wings

McDonald’s endured a Mighty Wings fiasco, at least according to the media. The truth is that Mighty Wings didn't fail as badly as most people think, and McDonald’s now has a plan to clear excess inventory. Therefore, dividend investors should feel somewhat at ease.