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Beth Nichols

Beth Nichols


Beth began investing mid-life, and soon found the perfect community to learn and idea-bounce at The Fool. She is proud to have won the Fool's "Ultimate Rule Breaker" contest, and most enjoys investments that blend rule breaking with a good night's sleep.

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Cheerios + Ancient Grains is just one way companies are trying to tap people's desires for simpler foods.

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Potato salad

The Potato Salad Kickstarter and the Power of Crowdsourcing

How does a whimsical Kickstarter campaign to raise $10 for a potato salad end up with more than 5,000 supporters and tens of thousands of dollars in donations? The answer is a study in the art of crowdsourcing.


Does CannaCon Prove Legal Marijuana Has Gone Mainstream?

Does a business-to-business trade show signal a shift from counter-culture to mainstream?


Is the Future of Driverless Cars Now?

Google might be looking down the road to 2016 or beyond for the first fully driverless cars, but are we closer than we think?


Will FDA's e-Cigarette Regulation Affect the $1.2 Billion Industry?

The FDA's announcement that it hopes to regulate the sale of e-cigarettes to minors may be the first step in its quest to regulate e-cigs as a drug delivery device.

Why Valeant International Inc. Is Acquiring Botox and Juvederm Maker Allergan

Valeant's proposed acquisition of Allergan would create a virtual lock on the cosmetic injectables market, bringing several of the top competitors into one portfolio.

Will People Buy Organic Foods From Wal-Mart?

With its new line of Wild Oats Marketplace products, Wal-Mart hopes to deliver reasonably-price organics to a wider marketplace.

Honey Maid's Response to Critics of Ad Strikes Social Media Gold

Honey Maid shows how taking a stand can drive brand loyalty.


Do e-Cigarettes Threaten the Future of Big Tobacco Companies?

Can e-cigarettes change the face of the big tobacco companies?


McDonald’s Has an Identity Crisis

With its "build your own burger" initiative, McDonald's seems to be distracted once more by trying to emulate competitors.

The Muppets Sign on as Lipton Pitch-Puppets

The Muppets will help Lipton formally unveil its new "Be More Tea" campaign at the March 2 Oscars, helping position tea as relief for a "stressed out world."


How KitKat Became the Most Influential Candy Bar of All Time

KitKat takes social sharing to a whole new level and earns recognition by Time as the most influential candy ever.


Ben & Jerry’s Finds Going GMO-Free Easier Said than Done

Ben & Jerry's plans to join a number of U.S. food manufacturers offering products that it can certify as containing non-GMO sourced ingredients.


Stop Picking on Under Armour

The Winter Games may not turn out to be a marketing triumph for Under Armour, but should this spell doom and gloom for the brand?


Paleo Diet Driving Shift to ‘High-Protein’ Marketing Frenzy

Food companies are launching new "protein" lines, hoping to cash in on this year's hottest food claim.

The Biggest Loser: Don’t Blame the Messenger

The Biggest Loser winner showed how The Biggest Loser contest misaligned with The Biggest Loser brand and delivered a lesson in the dangers of letting branding "sleeping dogs" lie.