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Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones


Dan is a Select Freelance writer for The Motley Fool. He focuses primarily on the Consumer Goods sector but also likes to dive in on interesting topics involving energy, industrials, and macroeconomics!

Recent articles

Will SodaStream's Investors Get Burned From a Buyout?

Although it might seem good that SodaStream could see a buyout in the face of competition from Keurig Green Mountain and Coca-Cola, is it possible that the company is worth far more than rumors suggest will be the offer for the business?

Disney's 2 Key Assets For Future Growth

Every successful company has something about it that has made it a success. The Walt Disney Company is no exception to this rule! Come and check out how Disney's relationships with companies like Comcast and Netflix and its content library have propelled it into the spotlight!

Should You Invest in Chipotle Mexican Grill Stock?

The past few years, and even this past quarter, have been amazing for Chipotle. However, given the cost investors must pay for this growth, might it be a better idea to look at one of the business's rivals like Panera Bread Company?

After taking Investors On A Wild Ride, Can Six Flags Redeem Itself?

Despite better than-expected earnings, Six Flags fell short on revenue. After seeing a roller coaster of a ride with its stock price, is now the time to ditch the company and opt for The Walt Disney Company or Comcast, or is Six Flags still a good prospect for investors seeking growth?

Disney's Sequel Nightmare Is a Win for Twenty-First Century Fox and Comcast!

Over the past weekend, films produced by both Twenty-First Century Fox and Comcast had strong showings while Disney's Planes sequel ran out of fuel.

Disney and CBS Can't Keep Up with Comcast!

Despite a mixed earnings release on Jul. 22, shares of Comcast rose along with the broader market. Is this a sign that the business still has room or would Disney or CBS make for better long-term prospects?

After Netflix's Narrow Miss, What Does the Future Hold for Comcast?

After the news broke that Netflix matched revenue estimates but fell short on earnings, shares of the streaming provider dropped nearly 5%. Is this good news for cable behemoth Comcast, or does Netflix's success or lack thereof have no meaningful impact on the cable provider?

Is JAKKS Pacific Broken Beyond Repair?

After JAKKS Pacific, a big licensee of Walt Disney, reported revenue and earnings for its second quarter, shares got hammered. In spite of this, does the business still have the ability to be an amazing prospect, or would investors be better off with Disney or Mattel?

Try This Theme Park Operator!

In light of record-high market prices, The Walt Disney Company might be the best way to diversify away from the US and gain some good international exposure! This is especially true when you consider that Comcast, Six Flags, and SeaWorld are nowhere near as diversified!

Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel for Staples and Office Depot?

In recent years, both Staples and Office Depot have faced serious trouble. Despite their falling sales, though, it's beginning to look like both companies have a chance to not just survive, but thrive, if management can place greater emphasis on a couple of different, but vital, areas of operation.

Priceline's Big Tax Advantage Over Expedia Could Vanish in an Instant

For years, The Priceline Group has grown faster than, and been more profitable than, rival Expedia. In part, this has been due to a favorable tax structure the business has, but the reality is that this advantage could disappear in a moment's notice!

After Getting Trashed, Is Yum! Still Tasty?

After reporting revenue and earnings results that missed forecasts, shares of Yum! Brands have been tossed lower. Is now a great time to buy a wonderful business at a discount, or should the Foolish investor check out Chipotle or Panera for more stellar prospects?

Why Disney's Parks and Resorts Are Second to None

For the Foolish investor who is looking to get in on the action of a top theme park operator, perhaps no company, whether it be SeaWorld or Six Flags, can measure up to The Walt Disney Company!

3 Things You Didn't Know Costco Sold

As a big-box retailer, Costco sells your typical grocery store products, but the business has some offerings that might surprise you! Come and take a look at some of Costco's most off-the-wall products from companies like The Walt Disney Company and those that compete with other industry leaders like Groupon and Matthews International!

Meet the Part of Disney That's Dying!

Over the past few years, Walt Disney has been unbelievably successful. However, for all its strengths, there is one part of the business that looks impossible to salvage!

Is Netflix About to Falter?

Despite seeing high-flying growth in recent years, some investors are probably worried about Netflix's upcoming earnings release. Does the streaming giant have what it takes to post strong results as expected or should investors consider a play on Hulu through Disney, Comcast, or Twenty-First Century Fox?

Is Disney About to Add a Little Magic to Your Portfolio?

As earnings approach, some investors might be worrying that with Disney shares at all-time highs, they might not have much room to run. With this thought in mind, would the Foolish investor be better off with DreamWorks or Lions Gate or can Disney keep the magic going?

Is Sirius XM Seriously Wasting Its Cash?

In light of big share buybacks, including the one involving its majority-owner Liberty Media, the question of whether Sirius is properly rewarding its shareholders or throwing its money down the drain is appropriate for the Foolish investor to be asking him/herself.

Every Fool Should Look at These 3 Sports Companies!

Although investing may not seem like sports, plenty of companies like Disney, Nike, and Manchester United exist out there that can lure even the most die-hard sports fanatic!

Is Costco's Growth Unstoppable?

Despite being faced with rising competition in the retail market, Costco is still demonstrating an amazing ability to grow. Is this a sign that the company's path to the top is unstoppable, or will rival Whole Foods get there first?

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