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man in white dress shirt looking at chart and putting his hands on his head -- stock broker loss bear market crash

Why MicroStrategy Stock Pulled Back Today

If you guessed this company was going to keep buying Bitcoin, then give yourself a pat on the back for being right.

Excited movie director

Why IMAX Shares Jumped More Than 16% Today

The big-screen technologist posted analyst-stumping fourth-quarter sales thanks to a plethora of hit titles in Japan and China.

Airbus A330neo source Airbus EADSY

U.S., EU Reach Deal to Suspend Airplane Tariffs

The temporary truce will hopefully lead to a permanent settlement.

Polar Vortex Temperature

Goldman Sachs Could Earn $200 Million From Polar Vortex Energy Trading

Actually collecting its haul could prove difficult in reality, however.

airplane in the clouds getty

Why Airline Shares Fell Today

The "reopen rally" has taken a pause.

Boeing 737

Why Boeing Stock Dropped Today

Canaccord says Boeing will burn less cash this year. But is that good enough?

Wilted marijuana plants

Why Marijuana Stocks Wilted Today

Marijuana stocks followed tech stocks down today -- but they're not following them back up.

Stock Chart Crashing

Why Square, Roku, Teladoc, and Shopify All Dropped on Friday

The market has crushed growth stocks today.


Why Workhorse Group, Nikola, and Churchill Capital IV Stocks Dropped Friday

Company-specific news combined with a market rotation are leading these names lower.

Featured Image

FHFA Extends Multifamily Forbearance Through June 30: What It Means for Property Owners and Renters

Forbearance protection will now last till mid-2021 for more properties. That's good news for landlords and renters.

Earth planet and satellite view from space getty

Why Globalstar Stock Soared Higher in February

The communications company is trying to build an audience for its networks.

Green up arrow button and red down arrow button

Why PayPal Stock Crashed Friday

Is ARK Invest losing confidence in PayPal?

oilfield worker

Why the Price of Oil Surged Beyond $65 a Barrel

The oil markets received a pleasant surprise recently.


Why Plug Power, Enphase Energy, and Bloom Energy Stocks Dropped Today

Renewable energy technology names are among the hardest hit in the ongoing market rotation.

package returns amazon kohls retail getty

Kohl's Activist Investors Cast Doubt on Benefit Amazon Partnership Provides

The hedge funds say the retailer's earnings report proves it needs new leadership.

Red stock market arrow goes down across a field of $100 bills

Why FuelCell Energy Stock Crashed Friday

The "renewables index" is down -- and this news won't help.


Why Evofem Biosciences Stock Is Falling Today

The company's performance during the fourth quarter was short of expectations.

Okta Mckinnon

Why Okta Stock Was Sliding Again Today

Underwhelming earnings guidance and a market rotation hammered the cloud identity stock again.

Glowing red stock chart arrow trending down

Why Virgin Galactic Stock Crashed Friday

George Whitesides is leaving the building.


Is Qualcomm Stock a Buy?

Qualcomm has sold off following a massive run-up and blowout earnings.