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Carnival Corporation Updates Investors on Cash Reserves...and Cash Burn Rate, Too

The big reveal: Carnival's still burning $650 million every month.

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Expecting Another Netflix Subscriber Growth Blowout, Analyst Hikes Price Target to $670

A number of factors suggest that the streaming giant's own estimates are too conservative.

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United Strikes Deal With Pilots on Buyouts, Early Retirements

The agreement might not be enough to avoid layoffs, but it should help mitigate some of the need.


Why Levi’s Stock Is Down

Levi’s saw some really nice acceleration and growth in online sales, so why is the stock down?

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2 Stocks That Are Absurdly Cheap Right Now

Molson Coors and Tyson Foods will rebound from their current multiyear lows with a vengeance.

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Stock Markets Open Mixed Friday as Netflix Gets Upgraded, Gilead Reports Positive Coronavirus Treatment Results

Major market benchmarks moved in different directions Friday morning.

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3 New Industries Amazon Could Dominate by 2030

As we move into a new decade, Amazon shows no signs of slowing down.


Roku Stock Finally Turns Positive in 2020

The streaming media pioneer soared 12% on Thursday, and it could be just getting started.

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Here's Why Beyond Meat Stock Was Falling Today

Are plant-based meats just a fad?

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You Have Less Than a Week Left to File Your Taxes -- Unless You Use This IRS Suggestion

Are you ready to send in your 1040 forms?

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Is Netflix a $670 Stock?

The stock got a head-turning upgrade just ahead of its second-quarter earnings report.


Why SPACs Are So Popular

Find out why SPACs are gaining more acceptance as alternatives to regular IPOs.

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Nike, Ralph Lauren Quietly Warn That Retail's Recovery Won't Be Quick

Neither apparel brand, nor the key department stores that carry those brands, are buying inventory at previous levels.


Here's Why Fastly's Shares Are Falling Today

Investors were quick to react to the company's stock being downgraded.

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Bed Bath & Beyond Is Running Out of Options

The chain isn't on track to repeat winning omnichannel pivots from the likes of Target and Home Depot.

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Why Northern Dynasty Limited Stock Fell 12% at the Open on July 10

After a very good run, the stock plummeted when the would-be miner tried to take advantage of the gains.

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Roku Has Upended the Cable TV Power Dynamic

Despite being far smaller, the streaming TV platform has tons of leverage over Comcast.

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If You're Retired, Consider Buying These 2 Stocks

This pair of high-quality names in out-of-favor sectors can help juice the income your portfolio generates.

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Tyson Foods' $500M Investment in Automation Not Enough, More to Come

The meat processing industry could be transformed as COVID-19 leads the push to adopt more labor-saving technology.

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Are We in a Stock Market Bubble? These 3 Stocks Say Yes

There's a lot of hot air pumping up the market these days.