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Jacob Roche

Jacob Roche


Jacob Roche is a California native and alumnus of UC Davis. His focus is mainly on agriculture stocks and anything tangentially related.

Recent articles

Did Annie's Just Become a Takeover Target?

A powerful parent could solve some of the company's problems, and the stock is getting cheap.

This Growth Company Just Raised a Huge Red Flag

Unlike its all-natural, organic food products, it’s hard to tell what ingredients are in this company right now.

Why I'm (Still) Steering Clear of Diamond Foods

Investors are expecting the best from the beleaguered snack maker.

Is This Growth Stock Getting Ahead of Itself?

Whitewave Foods had a great quarter, but is the stock cheap enough to buy?

Dean Foods Continues to Struggle

Exploding costs are pulling the company down, but things may improve in the coming quarters.

It's Time to Start Buying Whole Foods

The stock's fall from grace offers long-term investors the chance they've been waiting for.

Here's Why SUPERVALU Shares Fell Down to Earth

The key to the company's newfound profitability isn't as promising as it seems.

Is it Time to Get Back Into Fertilizer Stocks?

After a disastrous 2013, the industry seems to be starting to recover -- and it could accelerate soon

Pier 1's Turnaround Is Entering Phase 2

What others see as outdated and uncompetitive may be just what contrarian investors are looking for

Can Monsanto Repeat This Quarter's Surprising Performance?

Monsanto overcame difficult headwinds this quarter, but the industry will continue to have a difficult year.

Is Cal-Maine Worth Owning Right Now?

A great quarter recently boosted the stock to a record high, but should you still consider buying?

Why Investors in Lindsay Corporation & Deere Have to Think Long-Term

2014 probably won't be a great year for profits, but it might be a great time to buy stocks.

Is Kroger Worth Investing In?

The changing competitive landscape makes this versatile retailer worth a look.

Safeway's Low-Ball Buyout Sets a Bad Precedent

Other traditional grocers should be worried about what's to come.

Dean Foods Is Going Sour

Milk and milk companies are something you shouldn't generally buy on discount.

These 3 Companies Are Expecting Trouble Ahead

Major customers are planning on delaying purchases in 2014, but should investors be worried?

More Good News for Fertilizer Stocks

A big buyer is coming off the sidelines, but should investors?

Monsanto's First Quarter Wasn't as Good as it Seemed

Despite a very positive tone from management, Monsanto's first-quarter results left much to be desired

Don't Let This Company's Dry Quarter Scare You Off

Despite a bad quarter, this company's necessary, but underutilized, products still have huge potential over the long-term

A Holiday Miracle for Fertilizer Stocks

The end of a Russian trade war is a huge blessing for these potash stocks.

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