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Rita Williams

Rita Williams


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Why You Need a Great Credit Score in Retirement Too

Lenders care, and so should you.


3 Ways to Make Early Retirement a Reality

Here's how to hang up on work a bit earlier.


A 3-Step Checklist for Your Retirement

Checklists are your friend on the road toward a great retirement.

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What to Do If You Face a Financial Shortfall in Retirement

There’s no substitute for having a plan so you don’t run out.

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How to Catch Up on Retirement Savings in Your 50s

It’s never too late to grow your nest egg even with retirement looming.

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There’s Good News for Seniors Who Want to Work Longer

The employment picture for people 55 and older is looking up.

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The 3 Cities Where Retirement Nest Eggs Last the Longest, and 3 Where They Drain the Fastest

$1 million, $999,999, $999,998, $999,997…

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Save $600,000 for Retirement Using This Simple Method

You don’t need nonessentials as much as you might think.

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Social Security Scams Abound. Watch Out for This One.

There is no end to Social Security fraud attempts. Be vigilant in protecting your information.

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3 Financial Goals to Put You on the Right Path to Retirement

The road to retirement is paved with savings.

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High Debt Is Ruining Retirements Everywhere. 4 Ways to Fix It

Strategize debt repayment solutions, and then stick to them.


The No. 1 Way Americans Are Using Their Tax Refunds (and How It Helps Financially)

Putting a windfall toward reducing toxic debt can seriously improve your financial situation.

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3 Big Reasons to Check Your Social Security Statement

Keep an eye on your eligibility, earnings record, and expected benefits.

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How To Protect Your Social Security Number From Data Breaches

Cybercrimes can expose your Social Security account and other financial accounts, too. Stay vigilant to make sure yours isn't compromised.

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What to Know About Social Security If You Outlive Your Spouse

If you’re a widow or widower, survivors benefits can provide important economic support.

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3 Reasons to Rebalance Your Retirement Portfolio Once a Year

Don’t allocate the assets in your nest egg once and forget them forever! Tend to it annually to ensure maximum returns and sufficient safety from risk based on your age.

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3 Good Reasons to Take Social Security at 62

Your income, life expectancy, and potential spousal benefits all matter.


Lost Your Retirement Funds? Here's What to Do

Claiming money in retirement accounts you've forgotten about can have a significant impact on your nest egg.

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62% of Taxpayers Are Clueless About This Valuable Credit For Retirement Savers

The Saver's Credit rewards lower-income folks who save in a retirement plan.

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Why Using Your Tax Return to Save for Retirement Is a Really Good Idea

Investing a windfall from the IRS is great way to start or strengthen a nest egg you're sure to need later.

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