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John Dollen

John Dollen


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artificial intelligence ai getty 6.2.17 - Veritone

In 3 Months, This Company's Stock Is Up 1,000%!

Shareholders of Veritone, an artificial intelligence company, have seen phenomenal gains in recent months, but will they be able to keep them?


2 Takeaways From AspenTech Earnings Miss

The market's reaction gives investors an opportunity to get in at a better price.

risk reward balance-novagold

A Gold Stock To Be Excited About

The company reported net loss and cash used for 2019 in-line with past years while making progress on the permitting front.

woman thinking and looking out a window - j2 Global

3 Questions for j2 Global's Earnings Call

The three questions that I look forward to seeing answered at the upcoming earnings call.

Bride and groom cake toppers facing away from each other - j2 Global

It's Just Not Working Out for This Stock

After more than seven years, is it time for j2 Global to call it quits on the marriage between its two divisions?

energyGoingThroughLightBulbs - OptionsInNuclear

Preparing for a Nuclear Renaissance

Here are a couple of ways to position yourself for a resurgence in nuclear energy.

man doing research - Brookfield

The Many Ways to Invest in Brookfield Asset Management

At Brookfield Asset Management, investors can pick and choose their exposure to the company's businesses.


No Profits, No Cash Flow, No Problem

One look at this company and you won't care that it's not making any money...yet!


A Warren Buffett Investment That You Don’t Want To Own

This kidney dialysis company has attracted the attention of a well-known short seller.

Does Jabil Have a Secret Weapon?

Is Jabil turning to this resource in order to “mine” for better margins?

A Bitter Lesson in Poor Corporate Governance

The controversy surrounding the Tallgrass and Blackstone transaction can teach investors a little something about poor corporate governance.

oil and gas

Which Big Oil Company Is Worth Your Investment?

As global demand for oil and natural gas continues to grow, Big Energy will continue meeting that demand while also investing in the future. Where should you put your money?

Forget The Unicorns; This Is The Tech Company For Your Portfolio

Getting exposure to a great tech company doesn’t have to mean sacrificing strong financials. With AspenTech, you get both.

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