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Why SoftBank's Arm Holdings Sale Is a Winning Move

Not only does the Japanese tech giant shore up cash on the sale, it still gets a piece of the action.


Is This Insanely Popular Home Workout Company Actually Worth $24 Billion?

Peloton keeps pushing the limit, and younger fans are buying its product in droves.


Why Netflix Could Be a Safe Harbor in a Market Downturn

Subscriptions rose once again as Netflix's content-first strategy reeled in more streamers.


Will Oracle Actually Benefit From the TikTok Deal?

Fraught with geopolitical tension, the deal at a minimum creates a facsimile of the changes required by the U.S. government.


Millions of Users Love Zoom: Here's Why That's Bad News

Social distancing has pulled in thousands of new users, but security flaws have been a real issue.


How This E-Commerce Platform Quietly Powers a $9 Trillion Market

Adobe-owned Magento Commerce keeps Shopify on its toes, so why haven't you heard of it?


How the Tesla 5-for-1 Stock Split Benefits Smaller Investors

Investors late to the party are still in for a wild ride.

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How This Cloud Security Company Could Disrupt a $47 Billion Market

Cloudflare's revenue has more than doubled in three years, with no plans of stopping soon.

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Can Electronic Arts Smash a Second Record?

This gaming company will only release five more games this year, but the future continues to be promising.

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Why Eventbrite's Shares Should Bounce Back

The pandemic cut this event management company's shares in half, but its future is brighter than it seems.


Has the Pandemic Pushed Peloton's Value Too Far?

This home workout company has grown by leaps and bounds, yet at this point, future potential may already be priced in.

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Why Citrix's Drop May Signal a Buy Opportunity

This remote work software company's recent pullback obscures its bright future.


Why Netflix Still Has Room to Grow

Rival service Disney+ is gaining ground, but Netflix has plenty to offer yet.


Data Centers Hold the Key to NVIDIA’s Future Growth

This GPU manufacturer is no longer just about gaming.


Why Podcasts Change the Game for Spotify

Our way of consuming information is shifting, and that makes this streaming platform more valuable than before.

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The Big Shift That Could Make DocuSign a Winner

Once a company ahead of its time, this e-signature business may finally shine.

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Big, Pricey Changes Fuel Etsy Growth

This niche platform is thriving as shopping habits move online.

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Shopify’s Rapid Growth Signals a Warning

E-commerce is booming, so why is this platform still posting losses?

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Can Newly Profitable Dropbox Keep Climbing?

Undervalued and underappreciated, this collaboration platform has room to grow.

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Zoom Profits From Coronavirus Policies, but Only in the Short Term

Can this wildly popular tech company keep up with its high valuation?