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3 Soaring Stocks That Can Make You Richer

These stocks are paving the way in their respective industries, making them fantastic picks for long-term investors.

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Stimulus Update: Nearly a Dozen States Are Preparing to Send More Money to Residents

Frustrated with inflation and high gas prices? If you live in one of these states, more stimulus money could be headed your way in 2022.


5 Red Flags for Roblox's Future

This pandemic-era darling faces a lot of near-term challenges.

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Citigroup Is Now a Warren Buffett Stock -- Here's Why Berkshire Hathaway Bought in Q1

The heavily discounted megabank could be a deep value investment over the long term.


Where Will Rivian Be in 10 Years?

Does the steep correction in Rivian's stock offer an attractive buying opportunity?


Amazon Stock Is a No-Brainer at This Price

Despite inflation and supply chain challenges, the stock is trading at an ideal level for long-term investors.

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This Move Can Help Retirees Boost Social Security Income by Over $10,000 Annually

An extra $10,000 or more per year could make a huge difference in your later years.

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I Made This Mistake When Renovating My Home -- and Have Regretted It Since

If we're going to make mistakes, the least they can do is make us smarter.

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Why Home Depot and Walmart Told Very Different Stories Tuesday

The two retail stocks moved in opposite directions in a rising market.

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Could This Growth Stock Make it Big in the Streaming Market?

With worsening losses and increasing competition, this streaming player might not make for the best long-term investment.

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Pfizer's Setbacks With Paxlovid Are Mounting -- Should Investors Be Concerned?

It can still make a lot of money if things don't go perfectly.


Invest Smarter, Not Harder With These 3 Methods

Investing should be rewarding, not hard.

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This Is the Most Important Factor When Choosing a Brokerage

Don't open a brokerage account until you've checked this one key thing.

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This Company's Under-the-Radar Investments Are Turning Trash Into Renewable Energy

The company is turning a harmful greenhouse gas into a renewable fuel.

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Is Wrapped Bitcoin a Riskier Investment Than Bitcoin?

The Wrapped Bitcoin token combines key features from the two largest cryptocurrencies in a single package. Most people don't need to own it.

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2 Reasons Why This Bank Is Your Best Defense Against Rising Rates

When interest increases, SVB Financial thrives.

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Spire Global Is Speeding Up, Not Slowing Down

This deeply unprofitable space start-up could be making money in just one or two years -- but there's risk here, too.


3 Dividend Stocks to Buy on Sale

It feels like the market is holding a fire sale. Avoid the really speculative stocks, but some dividend names look tempting.

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Here's Why I Don't Keep More Money Than Necessary in Savings

A big savings account balance isn't a good thing for two key reasons.


Market Plunge 2022: 2 Top Cryptos to Buy Cheap

Bitcoin and Ethereum have what it takes to bounce back.

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