Whether you're looking for growth or income, these four solar-power and renewable-energy stocks should be on your list. Watch this short video to see two analysts explain why that's the case.

A full transcript follows the video.

This video was recorded on Dec. 20, 2018.

Nick Sciple: For our investors, we mentioned -- in the panel space, Jason really likes First Solar, their strong balance sheet, their ability to ride downturns in the cycle. On the yieldco side, Brookfield. Across anything in the infrastructure space, Brookfield really seems to be well positioned and able to ride cycles and make strong investments. One thing to note with them is, they are an MLP, so consult your tax advisor on how that may affect your tax liability.

On the component space, we both really like what Enphase is doing with their inverters and things like that. That's definitely a company to watch in that space. It's the space for me in solar that I'm most excited about. What do you think, Jason?

Jason Hall: I tend to agree. As much as Enphase has rocked it this year, it's still a double for most investors that bought late last year, early this year. Huge catalysts with the with the MLPE, as you were talking about. Also, its step into battery storage is a smart move. It's going to give them some diversity and it's the right move.

The one thing I will say on Brookfield, like you said, it's a limited partnership. If you look at all of Brookfield's limited partnership investing notes, they make a point to say that they don't pay UBTI, which is the thing that makes them bad for retirement accounts. But, there's still the risk that that could change. Definitely, buyer beware. Definitely talk to your tax expert before you pull the trigger there.

If you're really concerned about that, look at TerraForm Power. It's a standard corporation. It's now run by the Brookfield family. It's a good alternative if you're concerned about that limited partner tax risk and your retirement accounts.

Sciple: Sure, and it gets you that same trust that you can have in Brookfield's management while also getting you a little bit overweight exposure into solar relative to the Brookfield Renewable core platform. As we mentioned, that's majority hydroelectric. Things to think about when you're looking at investing in the solar yieldco space.