Hyundai revealed the U.S. version of its all-new 2015 Sonata sedan at an event in New York last week. Photo credit: Hyundai

The New York International Auto Show is a major stop on the world's auto show circuit. Like so much else in New York, it's big, it's loud, and it's one of the industry's highest-profile stages.

The Motley Fool's Rex Moore and John Rosevear were in New York last week for two days devoted to events for the world's automotive and financial media -- and they've captured the highlights to share with you through the magic of video.

One of those highlights was actually revealed in a special event the night before the New York show opened, when Hyundai (OTC:HYMTF) invited journalists to a preview of its all-new 2015 Sonata sedan -- an extremely important vehicle for Hyundai in the U.S.

After full-size pickup trucks, midsize sedans are America's best-selling vehicles. The market is dominated by four big heavyweights: Toyota's (NYSE:TM) Camry, Honda's (NYSE:HMC) Accord, Nissan's (OTC:NSANY) Altima, and Ford's (NYSE:F) Fusion. 

Hyundai has worked hard to get a bigger piece of that large and profitable pie. The current Sonata has helped that effort over the last few years. It has been praised by reviewers for its long list of features and amenities -- and for its striking, "swoopy" styling that gives it the look of a more premium vehicle.

With the new Sonata, due later this year, Hyundai went in a somewhat different direction. The high-tech amenities are still there -- in fact, there are some new ones. But the styling has taken a different road. Hyundai told us that they aimed for a more subdued, mature look, less flashy, toned down.

But after the Sonata was revealed in Korea earlier this year, many critics suggested that it was too toned-down, even boring.

Hyundai responded with some tweaks to the Sonata for the U.S. market, including a "Sport" package that adds a bit of flair (or at least, a bit of chrome). We took a close look at several examples of the all-new Sonata while we were in New York. In this short video, you'll get a close look of your own -- and hear John and Rex give their thoughts on Hyundai's important new midsize sedan.