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Returns as of 07/19/2024. Stock Advisor launched in February 2002.

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Introduction to The Motley Fool's investing philosophy, backed by monthly stock recommendations, our top ETFs, and core financial planning guidance.


20+ years of a market-beating track record that consistently recommends 2 stocks each month, plus broad allocation guidance via stock and fixed income ETFs.

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Key Features
  • Monthly stock picks: 2
  • Recommendations of companies you can buy and hold for the long term
  • Monthly rankings in Stock Advisor
  • Three entry strategies across Cautious, Moderate, and Aggressive styles
  • GamePlan financial hub and financial planning articles
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The home plate for individual investors, backed by additional stock recommendations, quant analytics, and a toolkit to supercharge your investing journey.


Intentional mix of growth, dividend, and under-the-radar stocks, as well as proprietary tools offering deeper analytics, research, and insights into constructing an optimized portfolio.

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Key Features
  • Monthly Stock Picks: 5
  • Includes everything in Stock Advisor, plus these additional features and benefits
  • Monthly recommendations and rankings from Rule Breakers, Hidden Gems, and Dividend Investor
  • Portfolio Strategies: Cautious, Moderate, and Aggressive with specific stock allocation
  • Fool IQ: Unlock access to full historical financial data, max drawdown, and projected annualized returns for all publicly traded companies in Fool IQ
  • GamePlan+ financial hub and financial planning articles
  • Quant 5Y: Proprietary stock scoring system, driven by our Quant team
  • Epic Opportunities: Premium access to a members-only podcast
  • More articles and earnings coverage on an expanded universe of stocks
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