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Luis Sanchez

Luis Sanchez


Luis Sanchez CFA has been a contributor to the Motley Fool since 2019. His investing interests include tech, consumer, and event-driven situations. Luis is the Founder and Managing Partner of LVS Advisory LLC, a registered investment advisor based in New York City that manages investment portfolios for clients.

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Changes to Apple's mobile advertising tools could negatively impact Facebook and other mobile advertisers.

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Why Positivity Is Pinterest's Competitive Advantage

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Why an Antitrust Break-Up Could Be Good for Facebook's Stock

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Will Snap Finally Reach Profitability in 2021?

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Does Twitter Have a User Growth Problem?

Near-term user growth may be disappointing, but the return of live events should help stabilize the social media company's metrics.

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With Its Stock at an All-Time High, Is Snap a Buy Headed Into 2021?

Snap's stock has notched monster gains in 2020, but could 2021 see a continuation of that performance?

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Twitter and Amazon Team Up on Cloud Infrastructure

Using AWS should improve the social media service's performance for users, and on the bottom line.


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