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Chris Davis

Chris Davis


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There are some high-profile debuts that could make or break the overall market.


A Gamer's Perspective: Will Activision Rebound in 2020?

How a company that disappointed its core audience protected itself anyway.


Undervalued Stocks for 2020

A rising tide lifts nearly all boats, but this bull market has left some tickers behind. These companies may provide the best returns this year.


Would a Warren Presidency Stop the Stock Market?

Many investors believe Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be the most antibusiness of the Democrat candidates. She has a shot at the presidency. If she wins, would it halt the last 10 years of market progress?

Interest Rate

What to Know About Recent Federal Reserve Guidance and Interest Rate Announcements

The Fed is still treating the economy as if it's fragile. Is this good news for investors?


Is It Time to Get Into Biotech Stocks?

There's money moving back into the sector, and all boats are set to rise.


Should Facebook Investors Respond More to Antitrust Concerns?

Will the idea of data privacy as a right ever become strong enough to hurt Facebook's defiant stock?


Could the Successful IPO Spell More Trouble for Paypal?

Business-to-business payments company may be just the stock to take market share from a shaky PayPal.


Can Anything Stop the Rise of AMD?

AMD was one of the top performing stocks of 2019, and its momentum seems to be continuing into 2020. Is it real, or will the stock soon suffer one of its previous 80% losses?

What Really Caused Macy's Slump?

Did the data breach really cause the Macy's stock price to drop, or are investors just tired of traditional retail?

Should You Sell or Hold a Stock after a 6X Gain in Two Days?

Karuna Therapeutics Tests Our Theories!

Is This Stock a No-Brainer Investment?

GE's stock rebound is no fluke and investors should look for more to come.